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Trike Gekko fx 26

New for 2015: Large Wheels even for entry-level Models

Recumbent specialist HP Velotechnik treats the low-cost "Gekko" class to a notchback / Large rear wheel provides a smoother ride and less rolling resistance / Despite the size increase: the "Gekko fx 26" can be folded up small enough to fit in a car trunk in ten seconds without tools

Friedrichshafen. Big entrance for the little Gekko: the entry-level model from the HP Velotechnik trike plant will be exhibited at the Eurobike trade fair (26 31 August) with a large 26-inch rear wheel. With the Gekko fx 26, the specialist bike manufacturer is presenting its first trike with different wheel sizes for less than 2,300 euros. The elegant speedster can be viewed at the HP Velotechnik stand in the west foyer (FW 300).

Some designs have an instant impact. In the bike sector, recent examples include fatbikes and hydroformed frames. In relation to sporty trikes, the design language with the powerful solo rear wheel is developing into a comparable trademark. The specialist press recently claimed that the premium model in this sector, the Scorpion fs 26, has the stuff to become the trike "icon". "After the success of the large Scorpion, it was only appropriate to treat its little brother to such an appearance", explained Paul Hollants, Managing Director of HP Velotechnik. The signals from the market were clear the trend is for larger wheels. However, the specialist bike segment can avail of a further special aspect in relation to the big wheels from the American pioneers: "The asymmetrical structure with two front wheels for steering and a rear drive is simply predestined for different wheel sizes."

The fact that the large wheel behind the seat is more than just a designer whim is clearly highlighted by Hollants co-partner and head of development Daniel Pulvermüller "The 26-inch wheel offers a far smoother ride. There are benefits in terms of rolling resistance and the bike can traverse obstacles far more easily." This is of particular advantage on the Gekkos without full suspension. A more voluminous tire can be fitted, which, when used with a moderate tire pressure, cushions the impact of uneven surfaces more successfully.

From a design perspective, the Kriftel-based engineers have only entered new territory in a few areas. According to Pulvermüller integrating the smooth-running powerhouse at the rear "was no problem at all thanks to the previous experience gained with the Scorpion2. The patented folding of the trike using the dual flat fold hinge also works as seamlessly as ever. After loosening two quick releases, it takes only ten seconds to fold up the trike to a size of just 107 x 83 x 58 cm (L x W x H) for transportation. No tools are required and all parts, such as the seat and wheels, remain attached to the frame.

However, Pulvermüller continued: "We had to modify the frame for the 26-inch bike, and in doing so were able to use our imagination." The result is that the rear now looks far more dynamic. The accentuated seat stay appears to direct its tension straight into the vehicles command seat. Together with the ergonomically formed seat tubes, this gives the larger Gekko a new, elegant design language.

Electric Gekko now also with a reverse gear

According to the manufacturer, this is part of the popular modular system: the trike manufacturer can construct its bikes in more than a hundred-thousand versions. Customers search for the options they desire in several categories such as brakes, gears or lights and receive a custom-designed trike in line with their specifications. HP Velotechnik has made further refinements to the modular range for the 2015 season. "I believe that we are sensibly rounding off the power lifting for our Gekkos with multiple exciting new options such as the electrical reverse gear and the hand rest", commented Hollants.

The most spectacular new feature is the hub motor with an electric reverse gear designed in cooperation with the premium supplier GO SwissDrive. Reversing electrically assisted with a limited maximum speed of 3 km/h is no problem due to the sound stand of the trikes.

But the swiss motor can deliver much more: the new remote control is attached directly to the handle. All switching can be done intuitively with a thumb on the touchpad, rather than having to look at it, though the large new color display (3.2") does allow for easy overview and control. Furthermore the unit is very flexible: Ready for Bluetooth 4.0 communication it allows phonecall visualization during the ride. Service data exchange is possible via app. In addition the USB connector enables the rider to charge USB devices up to 5 V / 1A.

The motor can be individually programmed with different profiles. "Start power" for example lets the motor push forward with extra force when taking off. According to the makers the new motor offers high efficiency even at low revs, which is to say that the motor will run smoothly even at slow speeds with a high current flow. In addition to this the new refined lithium ion rechargeable battery pack (36V) delivers a whopping increase of 25% power capacity at 558 Wh. Thus the HP Velotechnik dual propulsion option with two battery packs evenly mounted under the seat for a low center of gravity, will allow for assisted riding distances of up to 260 kilometers (roughly 160 miles).

Hollants also stated that there is a brand new range of "Comfort and Ability" options: Anyone wanting to use one of the companys trikes following a sports injury will find special brackets, which could help for example mobilizing legs or arms. However, comfort is also available as a "casual accessory for everyday use" in the form of a hand rest. You dont have to be a cycling globetrotter to quickly notice that the little cushion under the handlebar grips "provides outstanding respite for the hands". Riders can cruise through the countryside as casually as when driving a car with their arm resting on the center console.

The German specialist bike manufacture regards such comfort options as "anything but minor details". Hollants: "In producing our technically advanced trikes, we are striking a balance between bikes and cars." After all, the future is looking bright for bikes everywhere as a form of transport. However, to appeal to car drivers, who regard their vehicles as a thoroughly digitized all-inclusive packages, "todays bikes have to impress with their details as well".

The "Gekko fx 26" touring trike will be available from specialist dealers in Magma red or Deep blue from November 2014 with a starting price of 2,290 Euros.

******** Technical Data Gekko fx 26 ********

Basic model, other components on option
Frame : Gekko fx 26 (Alu 7005 T6) 10 years warranty
Color : Magma Red orDeep Blue, other colors on option
Tires (front): Tryker by Schwalbe (20")
Tires (rear): Marathon Racer by Schwalbe (26")
Seat: ErgoMesh (airy mesh seat)
Seat height / angle: 35 cm / 34 - 42°
Brakes : 2 x Avid BB7 disc brakes
Gear system: 24-speed Sram X4, with grip shifter
Wheelbase: 114 cm
Length : 187 - 219 cm (adjustable for riders with height from 160 - 200 cm)
Width/Track width: 83 cm / 78 cm
Weight : starting from 16,7 kg
Ground clearence: 13 cm
Turning circle: 4,65 m
Max. Payload up to 130 kg
Package measuring: 107 x 83 x 58 (with removed front wheels: 107 x 74 x 51)
Motor: GO SwissDrive 250W, Li-Ion, 36 V, 558 Wh, range 130 km; or BionX PL250M, 26 V, 250 Wh, 65 km (rider with 68 kg, low force amplification, plain, no adverse wind)

Price: starting from 2.290,- €, with motor by GO SwissDrive starting from 4.780,- € / with BionX starting from 3829,-
Available : from November 2014

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