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Agence Future Logo 4.4: Capadocia

View from the Rose Valley hiking trail

We wanted to cycle from Isanbul to Capadocia, through rural areas of Turkey during about two weeks. Unfortunately, after only 90 kilometeres, Maya's knees were causing trouble again. We had to return to Istanbul to see a doctor and could not continue the journey as planned. Following doctor's advice, we had to stay in Istanbul for another week and take a bus to reach Capadocia. It was a major disadvantage not to cycle through the country as planned. We missed out on the opportunity to talk with rural Turks, the inhabitants of smaller seaside towns as well those living in Konya, a more conservative and religious city in the centre of the country.

A 'Rocket Rock' according  to a little friend In the fairy tale land of Capadocia we spent Christmas with agents Fulup and Nico who visited from France. They went for beautiful rides in the countryside with Bram while Maya stayed at the pension relaxing with a good SF book or concentrating with the laptop computer on which these pages are created. We enjoyed our time in Capadoccia, hiking through the many weird and wonderful valleys around the town of Goreme where we stayed. Here the past has carved tremendous forms and shapes which will remain for a long time into the future. Man has lended the forces of nature a helping hand in forging the mystical qualities of this environement: in many of the 'fairy chimney' rocks, doors and windows were made, to form enchanting caves where even today people dwell.

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