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The Website

Do you like our internet presence? Since our Website originally went online in June 1997 we received many positive reactions. Why don't you mail us what you like and what you're missing. We look forward to your feedback!

What is important in our eyes is a clear structure, stress on content and detailedness of our Internet presence. A strategy we strive to continue with innovative features.

We believe to have found a mixture which is both informative and still a pleasure to read. will be of use.-->


Compared to other websites our requirements are certainly low -- we use neither frames nor plugins. This makes our pages on the one hand usable even when a text-only browser such as Lynx is used and on the other hand allows for optimal indexing by search engines such as Altavista.

Nevertheless we recommend to use the Mozilla/Firefox web browser, along with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, 16-bit colours and small fonts (changeable in the Windows display properties).

Please mail us, if you encounter any problems in spite of this configuration. Of course, we're also interested in general feedback regarding our website. Mail us!

Behind the scenes

All pages are created manually and tested in our Intranet on a Apache-Webserver running under SuSE Linux. Finished pages are then transferred to our Internet Service Provider.

Our pages make extensive use of PHP, a server-side scripting language, and MySQL, a SQL database under "Open Source" license. For example, the navigation bar to the left is kept in a central file referenced by all pages. The advantage: faster adaptation to different layouts.

Last not least some history: you're currently version 3 of our Website. This is what it looked like before (version 2). Unfortunately we have no screenshots of version 1 anymore.

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