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The most comfortable way to relax with a newspaper: Scorpion recumbent trike
Press room

HP Velotechnik in the news: read how independent journalists comment on our products. Their tests and a detailed test ride should aid you in making the right decision. We've collected selected excerpts from publications of the last years. In most cases the printed issue contains additional useful information, thus we recommend to order the original magazines and newspapers from their publishing houses.

Besides press reviews about our products you'll also find company portraits as well as articles on recumbent basics.

As a service for journalists, you can download our press releases and free pictures in our press service.

Press room company portraits HP Velotechnik Liegeradgrundlagen  
Press room
Company portraits
Press room
Recumbent basics
Scorpion Scorpion fx Scorpion fs  
Press room
Press room
Scorpion fx
Press room
Scorpion fs 20
Scorpion fs 26 Enduro Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec Gekko / Gekko fx  
Press room
Scorpion fs 26 Enduro
Press room
Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec
Press room
Gekko / Gekko fx
Liegerad Streetmachine Gte Street Machine Gt Street Machine
Press room
Streetmachine Gte
Press room
Street Machine Gt
Press room
Street Machine
Speedmachine Grasshopper Streamer Frontverkleidung
Press room
Press room
Press room


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