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Press room - bike europe 10/2000

HP Velotechnik in the news: the following text is an excerpt from the magazine bike europe, issue 10/2000. We recommend to order the complete magazine from the publishing house to read the whole story.

Artikel aus bike europe 10/2000

American recumbent sales on the rise

LAS VEGAS, USA - The recumbent bike seems on the rise in the US. A great number of exhibitors showed up, among them some from abroad. "Three US manufacturers are leading the recumbent sales," says Paul J.W. Hollants, GM of the German recumbent supplier HP Velotechnik. He addresses his chance on the US market on the fact that the US recumbent manufacturers count actually on nothing but the comfort segment. HP Velotechnik offers fast touring recumbents and therefore counts on the huge sportive US cyclist.

Paul Hollants informiert am Messestand "For Americans this is new", Hollants says. Hollants is sure that especially the Northeast of America - where recumbents are more popular than in any other part of the country- is keen on German- engineered recumbents, "Even if everyday recumbents are more common over there, our more sportive range will receive a deeper interest", Hollants is sure. HP Velotechnik counts on its US oriented website, which is found by numerous US residents. Delivery will be by local dealers. Foreign recumbent suppliers were afraid to step into the American market because of the strict liability legislation. But the lure of the dollar is stronger than the threat. (JB)

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