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New developments (archive) 1999 – 2005

Every day recumbent riders all over the world add thousands of miles riding experience to our bicycles. We do highly regard their experience, impressions and comments to design and improve modern bicycle concepts and accessories. On this page we keep you informed about the latest developments.

Latest current developments | Developments 2010–2013 | Developments 2006–2009 | Developments until 2005

September 2005 Scorpion - the new HP Velotechnik touring trike

  • Aluminum frame with 20" wheels, very forward front wheel position for a maximum wheelbase and stable ride with cross-section close to the seat for easy entry
  • indirect under seat steering, both front wheels, wheels easily removable by allen key
  • ergonomic Body-Link seat
  • rear wheel suspension featuring our proven No-Squat-Design
  • mechanical AVID disc brakes, one lever for each front wheel, hydraulic Magura disc brakes (actuated parallel with one lever or one lever for each front wheel) optional
  • suspended rear rack with flagmount and taillight-safety guard featuring a new designed two-level pannier mount for best weight distribution, load up to 55 lbs max.
  • Light system b&m Dymotec 6, parking brake, mud guards and Moonbiker waterbottle set available as accessories
  • best aerodynamics and shelter from weather influences with our Streamer fairing
  • usage allowed for double trail trailer up to 66 lbs
  • weight from 35,7 lbs
  • standard colors: RAL 5004 dark blue and dormant orange, optional custom colors
  • basic model starts at USD 2.790 retail
  • Biometric data: length 170-200 cm (5'7 ½" - 6'7 ¼")/wheel base 109 cm (3'7 ½")/track width 79 cm (2' 7 ½")/seating height 24 cm (92 ½")/bottom bracket height 35 cm (1'¼") /seat angle 33-42°

For 2006, the Speedmachine becomes a Randonneur

  • ergonomischer Body-Link Sitz
  • ergonomic Body-Link Seat
  • brand new low rider option, four panniers can be mounted on the Speedmachine
  • indirect underseat steering, optional
  • new seat height 1'57", risen from 1'41"
  • optimized steering geometry for a stable ride incl. luggage
  • Front fork lower legs executed in aluminum, less weight
  • waterbottle set Moonbiker
  • weight from 31 lbs
  • standard colors silvergrey and carmine red, optional custom colors
  • lower entry price for basic model, USD 2.499 retail
  • shipping starts End of October 2005


  • standard colour: dark blue RAL 5004 substitutes steel blue (Production stopped)

Street Machine Gte

  • Preissenkung auf VK 1890,- Euro für das Basismodell

Street Machine Gt

  • standard colour: silver grey substitutes dark blue RAL 5004u

New options, parts and komponents

  • Spinner "Grind" aluminum front suspension fork with adjustable preload, substituting MEKS Forks AII and AC light (production stopped)
  • Dualdrive standard in all basic models (except Spirit), drivetrain Deore and XT and Rohloff optional
  • new standard tire for Street Machine, Speedmachine, GrassHopper and Scorpion: Schwalbe Marathon Slick (lightweight and low rolling resistance )
  • new extra option - tire exchange service (at Street Machine, Speedmachine und GrassHopper), choose between Schwalbe Stelvio and Marathon, (Scorpion : in addition: Big Apple)
  • new hub dynamo SON-XS substituting SON standard hub dynamo, saving 0,4 lbs, e.g. 30% weight reduction!
  • SON for disc brake no change in design for season 2006
  • front boom without derailleur tube: now free of charge - option
  • Chain ring disc, aluminium 52 g including bolts for 52 t Chainwheel (retail USD 25.00) optional instead of chain guard RS in combination with Deore/XT drivetrain available, saves 0,3 lbs weight
  • Rohloff sprocket now 15 t, (was 16 t), for better gear ratio
  • front boom-quickadjust, with QR-levers, chainlength compensation, available from January 2006
  • Body-Link seat (upper and lower shell) now in retail

New accessories

  • flag "Moonbiker", with 3M reflexstrip, single side print


  • usage of single trail and doube trail - trailers for all HP Velotechnik recumbents (excl. trike ) allowed since 10/2005

Maintenance tipps

  • Body-Link seat: applying plastic-grease coat on all seat contact surfaces and seat mount hardware contact surfaces facing to seat and frame to avoid creaking noise (standard since 03/2005)
  • rear suspension unit DNM DV-22 remove the spacers at main frame linkage point to avoid excessive wear (standard since 09/2004)
  • Speedmachine ASS stem: put a short piece of plastic tube covering the threads on the cableguide´s bolt, to avoid excessive wear on cables/tubing (standard since 09/2003)

August 2005 Caution: Scorpions on the road! At this year's fall trade show, we are going to unveil the fast and comfortable new Scorpion touring trike. It will get company from the new Speedmachine, that becomes a Randonneur for 2006. You can now get a sneak preview of our two hot new bikes by downloading the German brochures: Scorpion and Speedmachine. English folders will follow after we are back from celebrating at Eurobike and preparing for Las Vegas bike show.
October 2004 Sales Manager Kirk Seifert reports live from the operations at the HP Velotechnik R&D-Box:

Street Machine Gran turismo evoluzione {Expedition}

An exciting new design has finally been revealed: Our superstar for the season 2005 is the brand new Street Machine Gte. Make some noise for the sensation from Germany! Look at this:

-light weight aluminum frame with even more rigidity for touring with heavy luggage
-BodyLink seat: anatomic design, infinitely variable length adjustment, the back of the seat, lumbar support, front edge adjustable with quick releases
-redesigned rear kickstand mount for more stability with mounted Streamer (integrated in the drop out)
-optional above seat steering with foldable Terracycle stem
-optional bottle set rack with two Moonbiker bottles mounted on the frame behind the BodyLink seat
-cable routing below the frame and close to the pivot point prevents unwanted gear shifts
-encapsulated cable for the front derailleur
-plastic bushing inside the main frame for maximum front boom powder coat protection
-Alex DA-16 rims with machined sidewalls
-large diameter low maintenance chain roller
-optional dynamo mount
-weight from 32 pounds
-standard colors: silvergrey and dormant orange, optional custom colors

This new bike is a valuable edition to HP Velotechnik’s well known Street Machine family. The Street Machine Gt with CroMoly steel frame and hard shell seats in four sizes will be continued in 2005 at the same price as the Gte.

So far from here. With these impressive recordings I pass forward to my fellow Thomas Dannenmann who provides you with all further important news:

Spirit {Luxury Cycling}

-lower price with new basic specification with V-brake and 8-gear system starting at retail US$ 1450,- (Euro 1290,-)
- new 150 mm length rear shock gives 4" of comfortable suspension travel
-new optional DT-Swiss SSD225 air shock
-optional foldable Terracycle stem provides tear down of the bike for the transport in a car without tools
-standard colors: dormant fire red and melon yellow

Speedmachine {Sport}

-new basic specification with v-brakes and optional Magura HS33 hydraulic rim brakes
-new tire Schwalbe Marathon Slick on Alex DA-16 rims with machined sidewalls
-standard colors silvergrey and carmine red, optional custom colors

GrassHopper {Touring}

-Alex DA-16 rims with machined sidewalls
-standard colors: dormant apple green and steelblue, optional custom colors awarded the GrassHopper as 2004 Editors' Choice European Bike of the Year: „HPVelotechnik’s new Grasshopper Short Wheelbase won the adoration of our editors for its great suspension, wonderful handling and all-around practicality. The Grasshopper is a pack mule on wheels. It can carry virtually any touring load in style and comfort. HPVelo’s bikes have always gotten high marks for quality and durability. The Grasshopper continued this tradition.“

September 2003 On the trade shows, we announced some component changes and new options for 2004:

Spirit - Luxury Cycling


+ tyres Schwalbe Big Apple 16 / 20 (50-305/406)
+ standard color midnightblue (like Speedmachine)
+ disc brake Magura Marta
+ extended seat quick releasers top and bottom (85 mm lever)
+ 5 cm extended rear rack with additional 10 mm tube to mount a rubber strap
+ seat rail with scale for length adjustment


- tyres Schwalbe City Jet
- standard colour black
- disc brake Magura Louise
- seat quick releasers (65 mm lever)


New recumbent pannier 40 liter with reflector stripes to mount at the rear of the seat back-rest, custom designed including "Spirit" brand logo, color: black

Street Machine Gt - Expedition


+ standard colour dormant orange
+ disc brakes Magura Marta
+ air shock DT Swiss SSD 225
+ frame numbers at the main frame seat tube gusset
+ front fork MEKS Carbon AC light 1370 g including adjustable hydraulic damping (also available for aftermarket) for rim brakes only
+ Ergo seat extension Carbon (about 95 g)
+ head rest Carbon including pad (about 110 g including mounting material)
+ twin bottle cages including "Moonbiker" water bottles for mounting on the seat back-rest
+ large Mirrycle mirror including short barend for handle bar mount (computer mounting possible)


- standard colour orange RAL 2004
- disc brake Magura Louise
- air shock DNM AO-22


+ twin recumbent panniers "Moonbiker" 2x35 liter, colour: blue, for rear rack mounting

Speedmachine - Audax


+ disc brake Magura Marta
+ disc brake Magura Julie
+ aluminium rear swing arm (saves about 300 g) available from spring 2004
+ air shock DT Swiss SSD 225 (saves about 100 g)
+ authorised for double trail trailers up to max. 30 kg load
+ head rest Carbon including pad (about 110 g including mounting material)
+ twin bottle cages including "Moonbiker" water bottles for the rear of the seat back-rest


- disc brake Magura Louise
- steel rear swing arm
- air shock DNM AO-22


+ twin recumbent panniers "Moonbiker" 2x35 liter, colour: blue, for rear rack mounting


+ baseball cap "Moonbiker" with Coolmax fabric, colour: blue

August 2003 GrassHopper with AboveSeatSteering With the fully suspended GrassHopper, the recumbent bicycle specialists from HP Velotechnik introduce a fast tourer with a pampering comfy seat. The ergonomic shell seat at 54 cm (21") and the elevated BB at 67 cm (26") give a low-stress and aero posture and make the GrassHopper an excellent touring bike.

GrassHopper is the first bicycle world-wide with the new BodyLink seat. Seating discomfort known from conventional bikes, a strained neck or painful wrists are a thing of the past. The BodyLink seat is adapted to the natural S-curve of the spine: The combination of a rigid, anatomically formed shell seat coupled flexibly with a shallow concave back rest gives the rider a comfortably large area of support. The seat is adjustable by two quick-releases for flexible accommodation to the rider.

The GrassHopper's preferred habitat are rural roads and trails. Suspension travel of 110 mm (4.3") at the rear wheel gives stress-free roadholding to the 170cm (67") long, agile bike. From March 2004, the 13.9kg (30.6 lbs) light bike will be available at recumbent dealers starting from 1990 Euro.

Translation: B. Nurnberger, satisfied HP Velotechnik owner (Spirit since 2003-05)

July 2002 For the Street Machine Gt, we now use the new suspension fork Meks Carbon AII instead of the Ballistic 600AII. The Meks fork ist lighter, stiffer and suspends smoother than the Ballistic fork. With the integrated disc brake mounts, the Street Machine Gt is now ready for disc brake mounting even with the standard fork. The price remains the same. As an option, you can choose the Meks Carbon AC with adjustable hydraulic damping.

Street Machine Gt and Speedmachine: we replace the optional rear shock DNM ST8ARC with the air shock DNM AO-22AR. Instead of replacing steel springs, you can now easily adjust the air pressure to influence your spring rate. It comes with an adjustable negative air chamber for optimum spring characteristics and adjustable hydraulic rebound damping. The price for this optional shock remains rhe same.

Street Machine Gt and Speedmachine: To allow steep uphill riding and fast downhills, we now use the light SRAM rear cassete with a wider range from 11-34 teeth.

March 2002 With the Street Machine Gt you are familliar with the most successfull touring recumbent in Germany. On a Speedmachine cycling is faster, more efficient and more comfortable than you would ever have thought possible. Now you can lean back and relax on your leisure ride: Check out our new Spirit, the comfort bike for the everyday cyclist.

December 2001 Trailers with one wheel only may now be used with the Street Machine Gt as well as two-wheeled trailers. You may attach a trailer with a maximum total weight of 30 kg (66 lbs) as long as the total weight of the loaded trailer and the loaded bike does not exceed 140 kg (308 lbs). Make sure the trailer is suitable for bikes with rear suspension.

December 2001 For 2002, we doubled up the frame warranty against breaking to 10 years.

May 2001 New: Speedmachine with Aerobars Speedmachine: We developed a new handlebar type as an alternative to the existing tiller-steering. The stem of our Aerobar points to the front of the bike. This leads to improoved aerodynamics as the arms are strechted out to the front rather than resting besides the rider's body as with the tiller steering.

Getting on and off the Speedmachine is much simpler with the Aerobars and you can perform narrower turns as the handlebars don't hit your stomach. The handlebar height is adjustable due to the telescopically sliding stem parts. Please pay extra attention to adjust the front boom length properly to avoid any unwanted interference of the handlebar and your legs. Aerobars will be shipped as an option without extra charge on the Speedmachine or sold seperately from June 2001 on.

How to decide between our Aerobar and the tiller steering? Take both for a test ride, if you have a chance to. The Aerobars even increase the Speedmachine's performance due to improoved aerodynamics and offer a more sporty handling. The tiller steering seems to be more comfortable on long distance rides as the arms rest comfortably beside the riders body.

May 2001
Street Machine Gt and Speedmachine: We received many inquieries for Rohloff Speedhubs in the past, now you can order this incredible hub with 14 internal gears as an option.

We always use the disc brake compatible DB version, so that it is easy to post mount disc brakes if you ever feel the need to. The hub comes in a polished silver finish, perfectly matching the SON hub generator for the front wheel. As the front derailleur tube is not needed, you can now order a front boom without this tube as an option. Delivery starts in June 2001.

14 evenly spaced gears operated by one twist grip.

14 internal gears in one Rohloff hub.

May 2001 Lightsystems: We now use a plug-in-connector for the internal light wiring. This allows for easy disconnection of the front boom from the main frame for maintenance.

April 2001
Street Machine Gt: Additional disc brake mounts at the rear frame. From June 2001 on you can order our fully suspended touring recumbent with disc brakes on both wheels as an option.

New rear frame with additional disc brake mounts. ALIGN=
January 2001 Street Machine Gt: New water botle mounts at the main frame under the seat and at the front derailleur tube. These M5 threaded mounts can be used for additional water bottles, lock mounts or front extra front light fictures. The best place for your primary water bottles is at the side of the seat.
June 2000 Now available for download: the new Speedmachine folder (currently in German only).

April 2000 A good idea just got better: check out the new Lowrider with kickstand plate.

September 1999 Speedmachine Logo During the IFMA show in Cologne we revealed our latest high perfomance recumbent to the public: We exhibited a prototype of our new Speedmachine.

"We set out to combine the dynamics of a racing bike with the versatility of a light touring machine. In addition, we spice this exhilerating mix with the efficency and relaxing comfort that only a recumbent bike can offer" explained Paul Hollants from HP Velotechnik at the international bike show in Cologne.

Die Speedmachine

The rider is ergonomically supported by a rigid glass fiber seat. The seat height measures 40 cm. Compared to the ultralow racing recumbents that can be spotted in hpv-races, this higher seat position still allows good visibility in traffic. Pedalling at 65 cm height, the rider leans back in a comfortable yet extraordinary aerodynamic and fast position.

The fully adjustable suspension system and the comfortable seat enable a relaxed and fast ride even on bad pavements. The Speedmachine features the same sophisticated No-Squat rear suspension design that has proven it's power saving value on the Street Machine Gt, our successfull touring recumbent. This allows fast acceleration even when riding uphill.

With the fully suspended rear carrier, we introduce a practical way to transport a set of bicycle panniers for longer trips. The Speedmachine is designed as a sports tourer, whereas the Street Machine Gt is the perfect choice for travelling with lots of heavy luggage.

We are currently finetuning the bike's geometry and suspension characteristics. Our development process relies on the many thousands of miles of road experience that riders of HP Velotechnik recumbents gather every year. Gunnar Fehlau for example, author of the German book "Das Liegerad" and multiple finisher of the Trondheim-Oslo ride. Or Dr. Douglas Carnall from London, who recently did the famous Paris-Brest-Paris ride of 1216 km on our Street Machine Gt in less than 85 hours.

The Speedmachine will be available from August 2000, starting at 4995 DM. It will be equipped with our new steering tube suspension system, hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano XT derailleurs. We will have more infomation available in a few weeks, so check our our website regularly. The press already starts to report on the Speedmachine; also some internet sites feature the big news: Check out for a report and a picture of our engineer Daniel Pulvermüller on a testride.

May 1999 Street Machine Gt: New SilentRing. This is an unique elastomer foam ring for the chain roller. The SilentRing combines an optimum noise damping with low rolling resistance for the chain and durability.
April 1999 Street Machine Gt: reduced turning cycle with under seat steering. We have slightly widened the handlebar width to 60 cm for optimum cornering perfomance.

Latest current developments | Developments 2010–2013 | Developments 2006–2009 | Developments until 2005

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