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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Reisetagebuch 4: Mittlerer Osten

(vorerst nur in Englisch verfügbar, die Bilder lohnen sich auch ohne Sprachkenntnisse)

On the 20th of October 2001 we started the fourth leg of our field trip across the globe. The next four months we would spend immersed in the future of several Islamic countries.

We were to cycle to Germany from where we would catch a train to Istanbul, stopping over in Budapest on the way. We would spend two months in Turkey to travel on into Syria. From there we were planning to fly to India but we ended up going overland, via Iran and Pakistan. Contemporary international tensions rendered a special meaning and at times a quite specific focus to our work in these Muslim and/or Arab countries.

Read more on Agence Future's adventures in the middle east in their travel log:

4.1: Overview - The research in the middle east

No less than 35 interviews during four and a half months on the road.

We talked with all kinds of people about the state of the world in the future and talk about religion more often than not.

4.2: Setting out via Budapest

Via Germany we travel to Budapest by train.

The past is fabulously present here but the future too is taken seriously in this city where planning is an old habit.

4.3: Istanbul

During the time of Ramadan we have our first encounters with Islamic scholars.

Two young professionls show us around; at the Marmara Research Institute a seismologist tells us about prediction.

4.4: Capadocia

We spend a white Christmas in fairytale like Capadocia.

Agents Fulup and Nico join us, we go hiking in the astonishing landscape shaped by the past for the future.

4.5: Aleppo

We get aquainted with Syria during the New Year's festivities.

We learn what to say and what not, as well as how to use the internet under conditions of censorship.

4.6: Damascus

The capital of Syria welcomes us.

Religion is ubiquitous with interviews with a young American Quoran student and the Grand Mufti of Syria

4.7: Beirut

A weekend in Lebanon.

We go to party in this 'consumtion paradise' of the Middle East and find the scars of war everywhere.

4.8: Overland to India

We take the ecological route out of the Middle East.

A great train ride and masses of hospitality.

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