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Agence Future Logo 5.4: Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

After two weeks in Trivandrum we left to cross the Western Gatts mountain region and rode via Tenkasi to Madurai. The conditions in the wonderfully green mountains were very humid. It was as if the tropical forest was sweating in this pre-monsoon season. Once over the mountains we left the state of Kerala and entered Tamil Nadu, a much flatter and drier state. Another two days of riding brought us to Madurai but first we stopped for a day in Kutalam, a popular holiday destination because of the healing qualities attributed to the local waterfalls which are transformed into huge public showers by flocks of Indian tourists during the weekend.

Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu

On flatter terrain, the ride to Madurai was pleasant despite the scorching heat. Madurai turned out to be a friendly city that is easy to look around on foot. We visited our first Hindu temple, met the local temple elephants and went to the University of Madurai's Future Studies department. A researcher from this department offered to help us with local interviews so that we were able to talk about the future with eight inhabitants of Madurai in their mother tongue. Most of them had explicit and relatively sophisticated ideas on the subject even if they had no formal education to base their reasoning on. Many expected further industrial development to the benefit of the region and the country as a whole and some wondered about future solutions for the kinds difficulties faced today (such as in water management and rural education).

Tamil Nadu

The night after leaving Madurai for Trichi, we arrived in a particularly small town just as the last sunlight had faded. The road had already been busy the last few kilometres but once we reached the town we were literary engulfed by the mass of people that had come out for the festival that was being held that night. We slept in our first Indian 'rathole' after crossing the overflowing town twice searching for a lodge or guest house that simply wasn't there. When we arrived in Trichi the next day, two photojournalists discovered us as we were trying to find a hotel. We got our pictures taken and the next day a short text with a picture of us on our bikes appeared in our first Tamil newspaper.

Following that, the way to fame seemed to lay wide open. In Tanjavur, we showed the article to the manager of a very posh hotel and got a huge reduction for a two night stay there. We were invited to give a talk for the Rotary club members who got together in the hotel that night and let us partake in their buffet dinner. The secretary of the club arranged a motorised rickshaw for us for the sightseeing we were to do the following day. When we visited him and his devoutly Christian family for tea, we got a chance to conduct an interview with him and his wife about their attitudes towards the future. Before leaving Tanjavur a journalist came to the hotel and our picture was taken again, this time to appear in the 'Daily Thanthi'. In the end we appeared in no less than five Tamil newspapers and three English language national dailies so that people by the road side started to flag us down for signatures, really.

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