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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Reisetagebuch 5: Indien

(vorerst nur in Englisch verfügbar, die Bilder lohnen sich auch ohne Sprachkenntnisse)

During three and a half months we visited the Indian sub continent. We spent most of our time in South India but also visited Delhi and a small part of the Himalayas.

Read more on Agence Future's adventures in India in their travel log:

5.1: Overview - The research in India

No less than 35 interviews during three and a half months on the road.

We discover India as a diverse country that exists at different levels of development simultaniously.

5.2: Arrival

Via Pakistan we arrive in Amritsar from where we travel on to Delhi.

After the Sihk pilgrimage centre, we spend some time in the capital where conduct the first interviews of this leg.

5.3: Trivandrum

We spend two weeks on the campus of the University of Kerala

Two professors and their students introduce us to futures issues in Southern India.

5.4: Tamil Nadu

We ride 750 beautiful kilometers and visit temple towns.

In Madurai we interview members of the population and later we become the stars of the local newspaper press.

5.5: Auroville

We spend a week in Auroville, 'an experiment in human unity'.

We talk with a range of inhabitants of this settlement near Pondycherri and learn about their ideals.

5.6: Karnataka

We ride to Bangalore and from there on to the magical kingdom of Hampi.

We conduct some interviews in the 'Silicon Plateau' and have a surprising meeting once we arrive in Hampi.

5.7: Into the mountains

A birthday at 4600 meters

We leave the bikes behind in Delhi to trek to one of the sources of the Ganges near Gangotri in Utranchal.

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