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Agence Future Logo 5.5: Auroville

matrimandir or 'Golden ball Temple' according to visiting indians

A 750 kilometre ride had brought us from Trivandrum to Pondicherry. Pondicherry used to be a French enclave and has a more quiet and well-organised feel than many other of the towns we had been to so far. We spent a day in Pondicherry enjoying the French bakery's croissants and baguettes as well as the shopping streets' sidewalks (a rare sight elsewhere in the country) before heading 15 kilometres further North to Auroville.

Aurovilles current transport solution is geared on motorbikes, a long way to go to an ideal future the solar kitchen's disfunctional solar bowl which is supposed to provide the hea for cooking Auroville's community meals

Auroville is considered a 'universal township', it is 'an experiment in human unity'. The settlement covering a surface area of 20 square kilometres, counts 1700 inhabitants from more than 30 nations. It was envisioned and started up by Mira Alfasa (referred to as 'the Mother') who was the partner of Sri Aurobindo, a well respected guru whose ashram in Pondicherry still exists along side the UNESCO endorsed township of Auroville. One of the stated aims of Auroville is to be a bridge between the past and the future, so the place is of great interest to us.

On a practical level there are many projects going on here concerning the use of renewable energy, sustainable living and ecological farming. What is happening at a spiritual level is harder to grasp though. Aurovillians are dedicated to the spiritual development of mankind into a new evolutionary stage and many are practitioners of Aurobindo's 'Integral Yoga'. Of course this place filled with idealism is far from ideal but it has to be said that the effort made to create the history of the future here is quite admirable.

pictures of 'the mother' are as ubiquitous as those of the president of syria It certainly can be a relaxing place.

During our stay in Auroville we interviewed a variety of its members: from a Dutch psychologist who argues for more science in the Auroville experiment, over a French artist and her Indian partner who has been building his own recumbent bikes, to the Italian PR director and town planning spokesman, two men working in Aurolec, the IT section of the community, a lady responsible for the content of Auroville's website and someone in a business unit involved in solar energy who is not an Aurovillian but does live and work in the town. We have been told many times that there are as many views on Auroville as there are Aurovillians and enjoyed developing our own interpretation of what goes on there.

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