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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log 2.1: Europe - Research and media work

Maya van Leemput a view in the mirror
The main objectives of this first leg of the journey were threefold. For the academic component of the project we aimed to interview an initial group of respondents and to develop further the concepts for theoretical analysis. For the media component we aimed to publish several print articles and to collect video-images for web-tv. For the creative component we aimed to discover the basic conditions and primary determing factors of the experiment.

We want to interview ten members of the general population and two to five experts on each of the five continents. Anticipating that information gathered at the outset of the research, needs to be re-evaluated in a later stage, we aimed to include material collected from five European citizens and two experts during this first section of the trip. The remaining half of European respondents then will be approached at the end of the two-year research period. Also, on this first leg of the fieldtrip a surplus of interviews was conducted by way of practice runs for the questionnaire as well as interview techniques and interpretation.

Speedmachine in Norway

So we set out in Europe to apply the research design for the first time. During the journey we conducted interviews on 17 occasions. We held three brief Vox Populis sessions, we talked to four experts and ten others. Seven of these conversations followed the foreseen interview schedule closely enough to be included in the overall research set.

Several themes and concepts have been introduced based on these European contributions. In the theoretical analysis we concentrate on the concepts of change, progress and scientific method and merit, and explore the relevance of scale and of age.

For the media component of the project we aimed to publish print material, to start up the production of audio-visual material for web casting and to bring the project and its themes in local media. Three articles appeared during our time away and five are pending: two science stories (Northern Light, Scandinavian Gender) and one on Baltic IT development, one piece on cycling in Mazuria and a travel report.

We collected video images to be worked on in cooperation with a new Belgian net-television producer. The search for 'images of the future' is underway, but we need to establish more efficient working methods and technical expertise to make the most of it. Thanks to Paul's efforts our visit to HP Velotechnik received attention from local print media, as well as radio and television. In Poland a national newspaper covered the project and a Norwegian local news reporter tracked us down for a photo shoot one cold and rainy day. The Danish Midtvest TV also put us in the local news.

The future is behind us The experimental aspect of our undertaking is perhaps the most challenging. It is a major task to learn to be open for the utterly new and different. Our more practically oriented aims here were to become acquainted and comfortable with the electronic and audio-visual equipment and to establish the basic components and dos and don'ts of a mobile and flexible practice.

Mayas reports about her findings and observations in various scientific magazines, mostly in flamish language. Here, at HP Velotechnik's website, we focus on the more bicycle related aspects of Agence Futures journey. If we manage to persuade our beloved translator, we will publish some of the more scientific articles, too.

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