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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log 2.6: Europe - Norway 1

Street Machines and Speedmachines at the seahore

After crossing the Norwegian border, the four of us ride only another 180 kilometres together. We are well North of the polar circle by now and the conditions are getting a little tougher: wind, cold and eventually rain.

Crossing the artic circle heavy storms at the coast

We enjoy the hospitability of a young health inspector who was in to cycling sport. A couple living in one of the remotest villages of the Varbnger fjord offer us their garage, where grouse, shot only yesterday are hanging from the ceiling.

We face fierce headwinds when we ride to Vardo, the most Easterly located town of the country. Here the US Army has a base surrounding a satellite tracking radar installation, relevant but inaccessible.

Street Machines and Speedmachines in the cold The town of vardo

Bram and his two friends ride 45 kilometres to the end of the road on the day of his grandmother's funeral. They spend the night in a phantom village. A place that existed in the past but has an uncertain future. Hamningberg still harbours a few inhabitants during the summer, but in winter, no one stays here. The next day the threesome return and we all get on the South bound Hurtig Ruten ship.

Icebergs in Norway? Getting aboard the famous Hurtigruten postship The Hurtigruten crew watching us coming aboard

We make the most of the splendour of the fjords, everlasting snow and the strangeness of a ship filled with OAPs. On board of the Northkap trailing Norway's coastal route, conditions were ideal for letting our legs rest and getting some thinking work done. We enjoyed the quiet and calm atmosphere on board and the surrounding water and land. Although occasionally we disturbed the quiet on board, taking a picknick on the sun-deck or singing out loud in the sauna.

We conducted a short vox populis among the cruise guests as well as the crew. When Besaam and Philippe have left the ship, Bram and I are treated to another display of Northern Light. We decide on a follow up on its physics as well as on the potential effects of magnetic storms.

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