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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log 2: Europe

On July 8th 2000, Bram and I set out on the European leg of Agence Future's fieldtrip. In the previous months we had prepared the content and theoretical basis of the research, established media contacts in Belgium and prepared for the reality of what we were about to do. We headed North and East, through The Netherlands and Germany to Poland, the three Baltic states, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Read more on Agence Future's adventures in their travel log:

2.1: Europe - Research and media work

The future rides behind us Objectives and publications.

The major themes and concepts have been introduced in the European contributions. In the theoretical analysis we concentrate on the concepts of change, progress and scientific method and merit, and explore the relevance of scale and of age.

2.2: Europe - Setting out

Bram enjoying the local airport Visiting the EXPO in Hannover and tuning the bikes at HP Velotechnik.

Bram enjoyed a week of work on the bikes, turning them into veritable 'expedition-beasts' as he puts it. Meanwhile I was writing and making what seemed like an endless list of last minute arrangements.

2.3: Europe - Warsaw and the forest

Maya on a polish cyclepath A visit in Poland's Capital and riding through Europe's oldest forests.

We head from the woods to the lakes, riding along the Bella-Russian border. We have splendid conditions despite tough road-surfaces at times.

2.4: Europe - The Baltics

The sky in Estland Few working horses, more working people and Bram playing Bingo.

The day we left we met Dr. Vitas Dovydenas on the Eurolines ferry platform. He was very impressed with our Street Machines and we with him, the writer of the first book about 'velo-mobiles' as the wretched things are called in Lithuanian.

2.5: Europe - Finland

Besaam rides his Speedmachine recumbent with Streamer fairing Agents Besaam and Philippe join us on two brandnew Speedmachines.

The three men prepare for a trek into Lapland and leave by train to Rouvaniemie, situated exactly on the Polar circle and further North by bus to Inari. The next few days they concentrate on riding, sharing their first in a life time Northern Light.

2.6: Europe - Norway 1

crossing the artic circle Guided by the Northern light.

We are well North of the polar circle by now and the conditions are getting a little tougher: wind, cold and eventually rain.

2.7: Europe - Norway 2

a wooden fixture for drying fish Riding through the splendour of the fjords.

The next day we climb the first of the Seven Sisters, the well-known mountain range overlooking an archipelago of many thousands of islands.

2.8: Europe - Denmark

Maja on her Strete Machine Gt recumbent in Denmark Rolling home.

In seven days we ride the 430 kilometres from Hirsthals to Kolding against a strong headwind.

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