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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log 2.3: Europe - Warsaw and the forest

Maja asked for a fully suspended bike...

We rode no more than a few kilometres from the central train station to our hosts' house. It was our first chance to experience the huge difference 'no luggage' makes. The following days we were taken around the old town, museums and exhibitions.

While Maya returned to Belgium for still more Ph.D. work, Bram remained in Warsaw. In that time he rode 205 kilometres, visited Krakow and was introduced to a circle of Polish artists from the generation that grew up under communism.

We visited the artist community of Oronsko where Jaceck is involved in a visionary project for central Poland and took up the chance to talk with him and his colleague Jan Goots about architecture for the future.

We take it easy, enjoying time away from the city again. On this section of the journey we ride 334 kilometres and spend a lot of time outside in Puszcza Bialowieska, the oldest forest of Europe where buffaloes roam. These animals are survivors, not free but in stuck in time in the enclosement of nature protection.

Maya on her Street Machine Gt recumbent in the polish woods bikesign in polish wood

We head from the woods to the lakes, riding along the Bella-Russian border. We have splendid conditions despite tough road-surfaces at times. At the Vigry lake we stay with a farming couple and in the nearest town we meet up with two young men who are starting a computer company.

A bus stop in Poland camping at a farmside Maya working inside the farmhouse

It is not the first time that AF finds itself amongst the ancient and the long-lasting. Statistically speaking, what is old is more likely to continue than what is young - look at the pyramids, the sun, and for a counter example at start-up companies. So if you look for the future you end up with the old as well as the new. This concept is introduced in the theoretical framework. We conduct one of the most surreal interviews of this trip with the old farmer at Vigry.

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