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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log 2.5: Europe - Finland

We meet up with Agents Philipe de Blauwe and Besaam El Asmaar, alias future agents Arglaz and El-Fix, in Helsinki. As always it is a happy re-union.

They have brought two brandnew Speedmachines and some Streamer fairings to protect against the arctic cold.

Besaam El Asmaar Philippe de Blauwe

Helsinki looks like it has a bright future. It is clean, cycle friendly and can boast some of the most impresive and well maintained modernist architecture we have witnessed so far.

We get a helping hand finding accomodation from Prof. Pitkanen, the head of the Sociology department of the University of Helsinki. He also refers us to one of his colleagues, the social theorist Dr. Risto Heiskala who talked about the future evolution of gender equality in his interview. In a follow up we discussed his theory with MEP Heidi Hautala, a strong proponent of equal opportunity policies.

Maya interrupts her journey abruptly to return to Belgium to see her dear granddad one last time. He died the next day, we miss him a lot.

Speedmachine recumbents at the finish lake Inari

The three men prepare for a trek into Lapland and leave by train to Rouvaniemie, situated exactly on the Polar circle and further North by bus to Inari. The next few days they concentrate on riding, sharing their first in a life time Northern Light.

Finnish sky the road ahead Besaam rides his Speedmachine recumbent

We know the Aurora Borealis and Magnetic storms are related physical phenomena wich might affect the earth's future. Later we find out more from Prof. Truls Hansen of the University of Tromso and publish an article about the Northern Light in the flemish Newspaper De Morgen.

Bessaam racing his faired Speedmachine Besaam hides behind his Streamer fairing

When Maya returns to the Northern most region of Finland, she brings our new Sony VAIO laptop with her. The machine is so light as if there is nothing in the bag. Maya pretends to have forgotten it in the Youth Hostel but her friend don't fall for her trick. This first meeting with the new laptop is enjoyable for all.

Speedmachine recumbent in the Finish Autumn

Note from HP Velotechnik: On the lonely roads of northern Europe, Philipe and Besaam wanted to use our Streamer front fairing to protect against the cold wind. Nevertheless, we do not recomend to mount a Streamer on the Speedmachine in our German traffic situation. The visibility over the fairing will be impaired.

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