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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log 2.4: Europe - The Baltics

Skyline in Estland We covered the 212 kilometres to Vilnius in two days. It was a good ride although we slept in increasingly cold conditions. We were also increasingly surprised by the number of horses we past and the sincere interest these animals display for recumbent cyclists.

We only saw two working horses, but we saw many, many more working people. Poland has huge and heavy looking agricultural machinery but in Lithuania manual labour is more common.

This lady seemed to be a bit confused by the sight of our recumbents... In Vilnius we received a warm welcome. Our host, Victoria, introduced us to the organisers of a round the world peace-ride, one of the top IT Consultants in the country and a local NGO advisor. The town is small but not suffocating, there is a lot of energy here, a lot of 'getting things done' and a lot of patience.

The day we left we met Dr. Vitas Dovydenas on the Eurolines platform. He was very impressed with our Street Machine and we with him, the writer of the first book about 'velo-mobiles' as the wretched things are called in Lithuanian.

The following morning we were exploring Talin, 800 kilometers further on, after a surprisingly comfortable bus-ride. On the ferry to Helsinki that night, Bram discovered his first bingo-hall, we were to stunned by the ritual and the surroundings to interview anyone on this ship - and that after eight years in South East London.

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