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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log 3.5: Africa - Kayes

The border Senegal-Mali Maya on her Street Machine Gt

We crossed the border from Senegal to Mali early in the morning. Stamps and scribbles were placed into our passports and we hit our first dust track of the journey. We were enthusiastic at first, it did not seem too bad. But as the day went on, we realised how slow our progress was and how low our water supplies were getting. We only just made it to Kayes.

Radio Rurale de Kayes The first night in Kayes we stayed in a Chinese bar-restaurant. We met a man here who was working on the new electricity lines from the Manantali dam to Senegal. The importance of his job for the future of the region did not escape him.

The next days we spent at Radio Rurale de Kayes (RRK). The private radio station is a warm and welcoming place. We had been sent here by our Belgian respondent of PANOS. RRK's income comes for a large part from the guest rooms on the second floor of the old colonial building in which it is housed. It has a special safety box which means that, like the hospital, its electricity supply is interrupted less than that of any other place in Kayes. We talked with the director of the radio station, with some of the animators and the guardian when we filmed here.

Tough road to Kayes Radio beats the videostar

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