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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log 3: Africa

On the 15th of February, we left for Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana. We worked almost four months in these West African countries.

Several topics were outlined to highlight in West Africa: desertification, energy sources and IT and development. We aimed to conduct depth interviews with at least four experts and ten members of the general population. For the media component we aimed to publish an average of three print articles a month and wanted to collect video-images for web-tv. The experiment at the heart of the creative component continued in an environment much different from what we had encountered during the European section of the fieldtrip.

Read more about Agence Future's journey through Africa in their travel log:

3.1: Africa - The Research in West Africa

Looking in many ways The correspondents, the interview techniques and the experiment.

Themes and concepts develop further and consolidate.

3.2: Africa - Dakar

A bird's-eye view of the market Getting to know our new environement. The colours and smells impress.

We visit our first African university, adapt to the dry dust of the Senegalese capital and establish contacts for later on.

3.3: Africa - Thies and St-Louis

St-Louis at dusk Staying with Senegalese families in the towns of Thies and St-Louis.

We celebrate Tabaski in Thies. Later, we arrive in St-Louis with the bikes on the roofrack of a taxi-sept-place. Young men tell us about their dreams for the future.

3.4: Africa - Fouta Torro

Riding through Sahel villages Riding through one of the dryest regions of the world.

We leave Richard Toll to start a 900 km trek to Kidira. On the way we talk with teachers, prefects, aidworkers and young labourers.

3.5: Africa - Kayes

Radio Rurale de Kayes We tackle our first dirt road and visit a private radio.

The director of Radio Rurale de Kayes explains how radio can be a major tool for change.

3.6: Africa - Bamako

The greenery and the rubbish The capital of Mali.

Force-fed by our friendly host we discover Bamako's internet cafes, green fields and an unimaginable amount of rubbish.

3.7: Africa - Segou, Djenne and Mopti

Mixing On the road again, visiting the sights.

We discover the most organised town of Mali, the largest mudbrick construction of the world and talk with the streetkids of Mopti.

3.8: Africa - Dogon

Pumping water in Kani Kombole We hike for five days and learn what drought can mean in the Sahel.

We stay in Kani Kombole and visit many of its neighbouring villages.

3.9: Africa - Ouhayigouya and Ouagadougou

All the things a bike can take Riding into Burkina Faso via dirt roads.

After the friendly town of Ouhayigouya, we spend some time in the Burkinabese capital.

3.10: Africa - Kumasi

Crossing the border We reach the green of Ghana.

Bob Marley commemoration day we spend in Bolgatanga, International Telecoms Day we are already in Kumasi.

3.11: Africa - Accra and Kokorobite

Scaffold in Ghana The fourth West African capital we visit is Accra.

And from there we go to a paradise beach to bring all our work together and enjoy the coconut milk.

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