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Agence Future Logo Agence Future - Riding into the future

Agence Future is a project for the exploration of visions of the future. Its core team takes two of HP Velotechnik's Street Machine Gts on a journey of discovery around the world. HP Velotechnik sponsors this exiting project and is rewarded with valuable feedback from this extreme performance test in six continents all around the world.

You can stay in close touch to the adventures of the two travellers: We will publish their travelog as well as background stories on their journey on the following pages.

Bram und Maya from Angence Future on Street Machine Gts in London

Agence Future was developed by two Belgian students living in London, Maya van Leemput (31) and Bram Goots (29). The project consists of three main components: the first is a world wide academic study of popular and professional perspectives on the future at the Free University of Brussels.

Media reports on the same theme as well as a travelogue, a video diary and a newsletter make up the journalistic component of the project.

And last not least, the undertaking is an adventure which takes a team of two travellers around the world with recumbents at the turn of the century.

To find out how men and women, young and old, rich and poor, in cities, desserts, plains or mountain regions of the world see the future, Agence Future hit the road in october 1999.

Transport and technology combine to realize this futuristic journey. The Street Machines allow them to be self-sufficient and mobile. Bram and Maya will carry their laptop, sound recorder, cameras, kits, gear and tools in their paniers and the recumbents will be equipped with hub dynamos and six watts lead acid battery packs to store electricity generated by human power.

You can explore more of Agence Future's adventures online: Simply click on the links at the left side of this window to read more about the idea, the route and the machines they are using.

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