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Agence Future - Why we decided to ride the Street Machine Gt

Bram auf der Street Machine Gt in London Bram Goots explains: "We are very excited by the prospect of riding the Street Machine Gt on our journey. This bike looks different, feels different, is different but not just for the sake of it.

The Street Machine's well thought out design offers many advantages that other bicycles just can't match, a real alternative for the future.

We are covering a serious distance in the coming year and we will need to stay fresh and alert all the way. We will be involved in our research, giving talks and writing reports and when we set up camp in the evening we cannot spend hours rubbing sore muscles or stretching our backs to relieve some of the aches that days on end on an upright bike would surely imply.

The Street Machine's exceptionally comfortable ride is exactly what we were looking for. On this bike your neck is straight, your head upright, your weight is evenly distributed and you can easily reach the ground.

Your hands rest gently on the bars with the controls at your finger tips. The back, wrist and neck are without strain, in a comfortable, natural position. All that's left to do is pedal.

The roads of many of the developing countries we visit are notoriously bad. We will ride dust roads, cobbles and tarmac, flat, hilly or downright mountainous and the Street Machine's 'No-Squat' suspension is designed to cope with all such conditions.

The Street Machine's large loading capacity is also important to us. Our work on the road means that we are taking a lot of extra equipment that your average holiday maker does not. We are travelling with a laptop computer, with video and stills camera's, with sound recording equipment and a mobile modem.

All this as well as our camping gear, tools and outfit fit perfectly onto the bike's racks that can support two pairs of large panniers with no ill effect to handling. Right in the centre of the low gravity rack mounted under the seat, is a neat little space for us to place the battery packs we take to juice our electronics.

Most of all the Street Machine is ideal for Agence Future because we want to be looking around us everywhere we go and its riding position offers a unique field of vision, eyes forward and the world in front of you."

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