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Recumbent Links – What's interesting on the Internet

The Internet contains a lot of information about recumbents but it can be a hard task to find it. If you know about interesting adresses we'd be grateful if you tell the Webmaster.

Please note: all links lead away from the HP Velotechnik Website and are thus beyond our control. HP Velotechnik disclaims any warranty for published links. See the disclaimer in our conditions of use.

Customer's Homepages | General recumbent information

Customer's Homepages

Robin Mégret and Arlen Détraz with Firmin Manoury: Hello Bike World
Three young friends on probably the trip of their lifetime: From Switzerland they pedal 25.000 km to Malaysia, Robin and Arlen each on a Scorpion fs 20. Even before they started, the trio sparked us especially with fantastic videos and a great sense of humor.

Matthew Galat: JaYoe!
Matt reports almost daily in video blogs about his temporarily interrupted world tour as well as every day life in his adopted domicile China. Always an important protagonist: his yellow/black "tiger duck", a Scorpion fs 20.

Sylvia Halpern: Travels By Trike
"Myrtle the Turtle" is how Sylvia refers to her Scorpion fs 20, which has accompanied her on yet many marvellous journeys. Literally a travel expert, she does not only provide footage on her trips but also worthy tips and tricks.

Deb Wellwood: Raven Ecological Blog
"I'm a wildlife ecologist, naturalist, and carnivore specialist; science educator, writer, and blogger; adventurer; and cook", Deb describes herself. No need to add "recumbent rider", since her Streetmachine Gte is accompanying her anyway.

Paul Doffing: Freedom From Fuel Tour
The cycling musician is highly dependent on his fingers to play the guitar. With his Streetmachine Gte Paul has no longer to be afraid of numb hands when travelling from place to place.

Eva Pfarrwaller: Next Stop: Where? (Multilingual)
The Swiss-German adventurer is travelling with her Streetmachine Gte, her also recumbent enthusiastic Portuguese partner Miguel Anjo and "no limits".

Bruno Schmidt: ALS – Bruno's Challenge (German)
The road bike enthusiast has been diagnosed with ALS, the disease known through the "Ice Bucket Challenge". To raise awareness for ALS himself he visited patients all over Germany. After this became impossible with his beloved bike he is taking the challenge with a trike now – the 2017 Scorpion.

Maria Jeanne Dompierre: Liegeradfrau (German)
Maria is an enthusiastic recumbent rider and owner of a Scorpion fs 20.

Klaus Dapp: Liegevelo (German)
Klaus Dapp reports about touring and commuting with his Grasshopper fx.

Fredy Artho: Liegeradblog (German)
In 2013, after intense research and test riding, Fredy and his wife Barbara did not opt for the Streetmachine Gte but two Grasshopper fx for their first real bicycle journey – and they did never regret their decision as you can read yourself.

Tour en blog / Die Welt im Liegen (Mostly German)
Tom Richter, Maik Guenther and Denise Helms travel around the globe on their Street Machine Gt.

Matthew Hopkins: The Road of Little Miracles (Englisch)
Over 41.622 km on his Streetmachine Gte Matthew collected and shared a bounty of impressions and experiences.

William Cortvriendt: Trike Asylum
William Cortvriendt reports about his experiences as a trike rider.

Daniela und Stephan: Liegebummler (German)
The globetrotters from Munich left off towards New Zealand in December 2014 and explored the world as they went along back to Germany – each of them on a Streetmachine Gte.

Oliver Brandmüller: Sysadminbybike (German)
Oliver Brandmüller from Berlin blogs about his rides with his Speedmachine.

Martin Würfl Travel stories (German)
On Tour with Scorpion and Speedmachine in Germany and France.

Agence Future
The impressing report of a world expedition in search of the future.


Lars Reisberg: Speedmachineadventures (German)
Lars Reisberg tours the Rocky Mountains, Sweden and Portugal on his Speedmachine.

Peter Grimm's Streetmachine Gt (German)
From Munich to Denmark with the Street Machine Gt.

Redtoyz / Speedmachine
American recumbent rider Bill Boltralik tells us about his hobbies: His red Speedmachine, but also hoovercrafts, helicopters and lots more.

Wade's Vision Quest Journal / Street Machine Gt
Wade Hatler tells the story of his world-around-trip. In Vietnam and Australia, he rides his Street Machine Gt. See pictures and read his travellog.

General recumbent information

HPV Deutschland (German)
The Website of Human Powered Vehicles Deutschland e.V. (Germany's HPV association). Lots of hpv-related information and a huge link-list. Also information on the German HPV mailing list.

IHPVA (International Human Power Vehicles Association)
The international HPV association's website. You will find links to your national HPV club from this page as well as several mailing lists.

Bentrider Online.com
American online recumbent magazine, publishes a new edition each month.

German recumbent bike forum.

Another German recumbent forum.

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