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GO SwissDrive

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Gekko fx 26 with E-Drive GO SwissDrive

Electrical assist by GO SwissDrive:
Your silent partner.

A silent achievement is made by the powerful direct drive hub motor from GO SwissDrive which sets itself apart with its flexibility. The closely spaced 27 gears always give you the one that you need. Custom programming is also available for those who need it the most: unequal leg strengths can be compensated with a special motor setup allowing a smooth pedaling experience.

Tailwind on the push of a button: The innovative GO SwissDrive remote control system is attached directly to the handlebars. Everything can be controlled intuitively by your thumb on the touch pads, without having to look.

GO SwissDrive display and remote control

The large, anti-glare 3.2 inch colour display is easy to understand. Optimum readability is provided through semitransluscent/ reflective display technology which works great even in strong sunlight, by actively incorporating the ambient light. Various different screens for drive- or information modes are available.

The extremely versatile display connects via the inbuilt Bluetooth interface allowing incoming cell phone calls to be displayed while riding.Tour data can be read out with the help of an app directly to your smart phone. The USB port (5 V / 1 A) charges most electronic devices like a phone or GPS device.

HP Velotechnik Scorpion plus with electrical assist GO SwissDrive and trailer

The electric reverse gear is a spectacular advantage of the GO SwissDrive system: Reversing and maneuvering at the touch of a button, without having to get out of the seat! Here trikes can really play their trump card, when reversing safe and sound at speeds up to 3 km/h (1.86 mph).

Especially for users with special needs, the system software can be customised to low pedalling forces or unbalanced leg power.

HP Velotechnik Elektroantrieb

With the start power option, the system support with higher torque on lower pedalling forces. This helps weaker people to reach their favored speed and climb easily.

HP Velotechnik Elektroantrieb

With the code "interval" a smooth assist upon unbalanced cadence is being improved.

A further major benefit of the GO SwissDrive system used by HP Velotechnik is the ability to not only use power but also to generate it. If you brake, the motor braking slows you down and recharges the battery. This reduces brake wear and trickle charges the battery. On downhill sections, you can replenish some of the power used to go uphill. This is known as recuperation and can extend the range finally by up to 10 percent. Smile: With modern green electricity, a full charge of riding pleasure is about 10 Euro-Cents only.

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