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Press room - Encycleopedia 2001

HP Velotechnik in the news: the following text is an excerpt from the English magazine Encycleopedia, issue 2001 (English edition). We recommend to order the complete magazine from the publishing house to read the whole story.

Bericht in der Encyclopedia 2001


An exhilarating mixture of recumbent efficiency and comfort, mixed with racing bike dynamics and light tourer versatility - that's the brief HP Velotechnik set themselves for their stunning new Speedmachine. In the mountains of Majorca, where they took the prototype for final testing and photography, the Speedmachine exceeded expectations, with a fun-factor 'off the scale'.

The Speedmachine's rider leans back in a comfortable yet aerodynamic position, ergonomically supported by an adjustable glassfibre seat. This is slightly higher than in a racing HPV, allowing good visibility in traffic without unduly compromising performance. Steering is direct for maximum control.

Key to the Speedmachine's success is its adjustable suspension system. A new steering tube suspension de-shocks the front, the back end being cosseted by their 'No-Squat' system. This, by clever positioning of the pivot point, minimises energy losses. And if you want adjustable damping, an optional spring element provides it at the turn of a knob. Transmission uses Shimano XT derailleurs, and when it's time to stop, hydraulic disc brakes provide plenty of power. The rear carrier is fully suspended and big enough to carry a pair of panniers for light touring. For grander tours, HP Velotechnik offer the Street Machine Gran Tourismo (GT).

This is the latest evolution of the original Street Machine, building on nine years of experience. The Street Machine GT has new hydraulically-damped suspension for both wheels, the rear system incorporating No-Squat technology. The seat has 10 degrees of angle adjustment and there's a choice of under-seat or above-seat steering. The Street Machine GT's standard specification includes Shimano Deore 9-speed derailleur, Swallow City Marathon Reflex tyres and Alesa rims with DT Swiss stainless steel spokes. If you prefer to use components of your own choice, HP can supply frame kits. Accessories include the Streamer aerodynamic fairing, guaranteed to improve riding comfort and efficiency.

Constructed from clear polycarbonate on a lightweight frame, it's quick to fit and detachable in seconds. Better yet, it can even be rolled up for storage.

HP Velotechnik

Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller were young students with a passion for cycle technology when they founded HP Velotechnik in 1993. Their aim was to produce a bicycle that fulfilled their vision of an ideal HPV more than anything previously available. The resulting Street Machine became a HPV classic.

HP listen carefully to feedback from customers, testers and the cycle trade, and act on what they learn. A product of this approach is the Wavey, a simple but effective short-wheelbase machine for cyclists new to recumbents.

The firm has its production facilities, warehouse and office in an old farmhouse in Kriftel, a small town near Frankfurt. There they concentrate on development and assembly, out-sourcing specialised word such as laser cutting, welding and powder coating to suitably-qualified partner companies. With the launch of the Speedmachine, HP Velotechnik look set to move into a new and exciting phase.

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