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Speedmachine. HP Velotechnik's fast and comfortable recumbent bike

Look ahead: Reach new levels of speed and comfort with the new Speedmachine.

Push the limits of cycling with the new Speedmachine. Efficient, fast and comfortable, the Speedmachine comes with superb options: optional steering tube suspension, adjustable ergonomic seat, suspended rear rack, optional disc brakes ... and yes, even built-in Fahrvergnügen!

Fast recumbent bike Speedmachine with touring options

Aerobars for Speedmachine

The cockpit: With the telescopically adjustable Above Seat Steering the Speedmachine allows for precise handling, fast cornering and superior aero-dynamics. Aerobars to the front give a fast riding position and leave a lot of space for the rider on the bike.

Tillersteering for the Speedmachine

Tiller steering to the rear.

Under seat steering for Speedmachine

Comfortable ergo-bars under the seat for relaxed arms and wrists.

Speedmachine BodyLink seat

The BodyLink seat fits your body like a glove. Seat base angle, seat back angle and length are fully adjustable. Optional headrest and airflow seat cushion for optimum ventilation are available.

recumbent seat ErgoMesh on Speedmachine

Alternatively, you can mount our breathable ErgoMesh seat. It comes with an ergonomic side cushioning and a practical seat pocket integrated into the back rest of the seat. For extra safety is is equipped with reflective stripes on its sides. Both seats fit onto the same frame mounts and can be removed from the bike within 15 seconds by qick release mounts - this comes extra handy when parking the bike in the rain or for transport in your car. The ErgoMesh seat will give you a 3 cm higher seat hight compared to the BodyLink seat.

Speedmachine front boom

Protection for the chain and your trousers; the drivetrain is almost completely covered. Our special low friction chain tubes guarantee an efficient power transmission and silent action.

Speedmachine rear rack

Plenty of space for your luggage and it is all fully suspended. The result: fast suspension action and minimized vibration stress for your equipment. The rear rack is a rigid construction made from ½” alloy tubing, perfect choice for carrying your panniers. Ideal for great aerodynamics and high volume are our custom tailored Moonbiker-panniers.

Speedmachine lowrider rack

The Lowrider rack is the perfect place to hang heavy luggage.

rear suspension

Our No-Squat suspension system is integrated into the frame design. It is fully tuneable for performance and works completely independently of your pedalling force. What it means is, if you accelerate uphill, you accelerate. And because it isolates you completely from the road, your energy goes entirely into forward motion.

DT Swiss air shock

Optional RockShox airshock with adjustable damping and lock-out. You can simply adjust the spring hardness with a shock pump.

Concept steering tube suspension

Minimum weight combined with great torsional stiffness: Our optional suspension fork is equipped with an integral suspension system in the steerer tube. Due to the fork’s compact design, the chain can run closely to the frame and smoothly above the front wheel. Sharp turns are easy without interfering with the chain.

Disc brakes Speedmachine

Due to the low centre of gravity and the well balanced weight distribution the Speedmachine handles fine even when braking hard. The optional disc brakes offer great stopping power, allowing for a fast yet safely controllable downhill ride. Safety plus: No more rim wear.

recumbent Speedmachine rear stays

You can attach trailers of up to 40 kgs / 88 lbs weight.

Scorpion plus 26 Detail

Do you offer electric drive assistance? Certainly we do – this is another domain of our recumbents! Every vehicle from HP Velotechnik can be equipped optionally with an eletric driving assistance. More an more people discover the easy way of riding while sitting absolutely comfortable. The megatrend "E-Bike" is here coming to a peak. The aerodynamic position of the rider is to save energy so your valuable battery capacity can be used for an efficiently extensive riding pleasures. The technique will be integrated without any problems into the chassis. That does not only take effect for the hub motor in the rear wheel, but as well for the control unit at the handlebar and the rechargeable battery.
(... more on electrical assists)

For detailed information on usage and maintenance of your Speedmachine, please refer to the english Speedmachine manual available for download in our service section.

More high resolution pictures can be found in our Speedmachine press picture page.

Speedmachine's BodyLink seat >>

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