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HP Velotechnik im Spiegel der Medien: Der folgende Text ist ein Ausriss aus dem amerikanischen Liegerad-Magazin, Ausgabe 3.6. Zum Archivieren dokumentieren wir hier den dort veröffentlichen Test.

HP Velotechnik Street Machine Gt

By Bryan J. Ball, Editor

German recumbent manufacturer, HP Velotechnik, has made news recently with the release of the high tech Speed Machine semi lowracer and the more recent announcement of the impending Spirit CLWB. However, it should not be forgotten that HP Velotechnik's stalwart Street Machine and Street Machine GT full suspension touring bikes are what made HP Velotechnik the force that it is today in the European recumbent market.

Just as the Speed Machine was looked at as a technological marvel when it debuted last year, the Street Machine was also at the forefront of recumbent technology when it hit the pavement in 1994. At that time, it was one of only a handful of full suspension recumbents in existence and the Street Machine stood out as the best of that small crowd.

As fully suspended recumbents became more prominent, HP Velotechnik refined their Street Machine SWB and created the Street Machine Gran Turismo. The Gt entered the scene in 1998 and immediately began garnering praise from the European cycling press.

The Street Machine GT has been most revered by touring and commuting cyclists. This is due in large part to its long list of practical features, its durability and its load carrying ability. During the years since its introduction, HP Velotechnik has continued to refine the design and add features to further enhance its abilities.

This latest version of the Street Machine Gt is based on the same chromoly monotube design as its predecessors. It also still uses the same proven "No Squat" rear swing arm design that was originally designed for this bike. This swing arm can also be found on the Speed Machine semi-lowracer. Appropriately enough, our test bike was covered with the same orange powdercoat that has covered so many of these previous HP Velotechnik SWB's.

I have been exceedingly impressed with the build quality of every HP Velotechnik bike I have ever encountered. I'm happy to say that this was also true with our Street Machine Gt test bike. The welds were very good and the aforementioned orange powdercoat was thick and polished. The frame was full of thoughtful features like internal routing for generator lighting systems and braze-ons galore for waterbottles, racks and fenders.

HP Velotechnik's seat is typical European fair. It's made of fiberglass and comes with a choice of two different seat pads; a closed cell foam pad and a fabric covered "air flow" version. The seat comes in multiple sizes to make sure that it hits you just right. It's one of my personal favorites amongst European-style seats and is features on both the Street Machine Gt and the Speed Machine.

Of course everything is not the same as it ever was. The most noticeable difference on our test bike was the new Meks carbon fiber suspension fork. I've often complained about the level of technology exhibited in most 20" suspension forks. I don't have any complaints about this one. It features single piece carbon fiber reinforced legs, coil and elastomer springs, disc brake mounts, 40mm of travel and FINALLY an adjustable hydraulic damper. It looks pretty damn cool too. This is an extra cost option, but it is light years beyond the stock Ballistic 600 and I highly recommend it.

Street Machine Gt Federung
The rear shock is still the same DNM DV-22 with adjustable preload that I've seen on most European suspension bikes. It's an unremarkable, but functional unit that yields 85mm of travel on the Gran Turismo. A much better ST8ARC with an adjustable piggyback damper is available as an option.

The SMGT's drivetrain is also up to date. Our example came with the stock mix of Shimano Deore, Tiagra and SRAM. HP Velotechnik uses the ever-present Dotek crankset and provides a cool bottom bracket mounted chainguard to protect it. The USS version uses Shimano Dura Ace tip shifters. The surprise component choice was a pair of Quando roller-bearing hubs that I've never laid eyes on. No idea how they'll hold up, but they roll VERY freely and look pretty good. Best product I've ever seen with the name "Quando" on it, that's for sure. The new hubs are laced to a pair of Schürmann Double Master rims (never saw those before either, but they seem strong). HP Velotechnik uses the very durable Schwalbe Marathon tires. Our test bike used Tektro V-Brakes, but Magura HS-33 rim brakes or Magura Clara discs are optional.

Unfortunately, this very complete and well-made package is not light. Our tester weighed in at about 42 pounds with the rack and kickstand. This is definitely a touring bike, not a racer.

The Street Machine Gt definitely has its own unique personality. If I had to sum it up in one word, I would say "serene".

The HP Velotechnik seat is very comfortable once you find the right size and the upturned USS bars fall very readily to hand. All of the brake and shifter levers are in the right place and everything worked great. If you insist, an OSS system is available.

Federgabel Meks Carbon
Of course many recumbents are comfortable and shift great. The Gran Turismo's suspension package is what really sets it apart. With the optional Meks suspension fork, HP Velotechnik has finally found a front fork to match its excellent "No-Squat" rear suspension design. The rear end works just as well it says on the sticker and while I always thought that I had the front suspension set too soft, it never showed any signs of excessive pogo. The complete system is capable of soaking up some pretty serious bumps. Riding off the occasional four-inch curb really isn't that exciting.

Combine that suspension with the SMGT's superb USS handling and the effect is very much akin to riding on a little orange cloud. HP Velotechnik's touring bike is plenty capable of tearing it up in the twisties and its calm demeanor will surely tempt you to push its handling limits.

Fenders, racks and full suspension normally don't equal a fast bike and the Street Machine Gt is definitely no speed machine (pun intended). However, it's not a lumbering Neanderthal of a bike either. I was able to maintain some pretty decent cruising speeds on the bike and the lack of any serious suspension-induced power loss kept me going up the hills at a fairly acceptable rate. In short, I would challenge too many racers on the Street Machine, but I probably wouldn't be at all worried about taking the bike on a group ride either. Its performance is nothing to write home about, but it's acceptable.

The Street Machine Gt really shines when it's burdened down with a heavy load. To analyze the Gt's renowned pack mule qualities, I mounted the panniers from my Greenspeed on the rear rack and hooked up my B.O.B. trailer to rear end for some "heavy testing." The bike's handling seemed barely phased by a load of almost 75 pounds. As Yoda would say, "Tour, she will!"

The 2002 Street Machine Gt starts out at a pretty reasonable $1750 with a Ballistic fork and the same component package as our test bike. Our test bike added the Meks Carbon AC fork ($149), a rear rack ($95) and a kickstand ($15). Other options include a Shimano 105/XT component package, a Rohloff Speed Hub, disc brakes, more rack options, fenders and lighting systems. You can basically order a very complete touring machine direct from HP Velotechnik through your dealer without ever having to touch a mail order catalog.

The Street Machine Gt may not be your typical, flashy high performance European SWB, but it is probably the most practical and capable recumbent made on the continent. They don't get too much more durable than this, and the bike is truly capable of round-the-work trips if you ever choose to do anything that extreme. It's got some of the best handling characteristics I've ever seen in a USS bike and HP Velotechnik's attention to detail is outstanding.

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