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Caution, this bike is no longer available: The Street Machine Gt recumbent with steel frame and rigid seat has been replaced by the Street Machine Gte. These pages are only online for archive purposes.

Die Street Machine Gt in Fahrt

You've got your own ideas about the perfect holiday trip.
Your Street Machine Gt gets you there.

Look after yourself! The Street Machine Gt is a bike designed completely around the human body. It combines a luxurious fully suspended ride with a totally ergonomic riding position. Superior aerodynamics and mechanical efficiency provide outstanding performance.

We are glad to be able to draw on the experiences of the many riders who have ridden thousands of miles on our bikes all over the world since we designed the first fully suspended short wheelbase recumbent back in 1991. Read the fascinating story and see great pictures of the Street Machine Gt on Tour in our Travel log AgenceFutue.

Now is the time for a new generation of recumbent bicycles—bikes that travel further, faster and with less effort!

The Street Machin Gt's backbone is the frame made from strong and durable steel (4130 Cromolly). Alternatively, our new Street Machine Gte features the same frame geometry with a stiff aluminum frame and our adjustable BodyLink Seat.

For the first time we're able to provide you with a new hydraulically dampened suspension system for both wheels and a bike especially designed for long distances. The adjustable suspension is combined with a seat with a full 10° of angle adjustment and either under seat or above seat steering to grant the rider a controlled and relaxed ride even over the roughest tracks.

Thanks to our No-squat-Design you'll experience little to no effect on the rear suspension when pushing forcefully on the pedals. By calculating the optimum position of the rear pivot point you'll face full suspension comfort with absolutely no loss of performance on hills.

You will find all the details on the following pages. We have put the most important links on the left side for easy navigation. We hope you will enjoy your first test ride soon!

Street Machine Gt with Rohloff-hubgears, disc brakes and full touring equippment

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