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The main frame of the Street Machine Gt

The length of the Street Machine Gt is adjustable The length of the Street Machine Gt is adjustable for different riders by means of the telescopic front boom. The boom is securely clamped in place by two M8 screws. The accurate adjustment of the length is very important; the rigid seat prevents the hips from moving back and forward to compensate for a badly set up bike. We recommend experimenting with a few different positions over the first few months in order to find the optimum adjustment.

The drive of the Street Machine Gt is to a large extent enclosed, protecting your trousers and the chain. The chain is run through chain tubes which are manufactured from a special low friction material. This ensures a smooth and above all quiet run. By belling out the ends of the tubes we ensure that they wear very slowly. Over time, however, you might find that the chain does put some wear on the tube. At this point you can easily renew the tube by cutting off the worn section and belling out the end of the tube with a hot flame and a conical former (we use a special tool, but the blunt end of a screwdriver will do). Plunge it in some cold water to prevent it from going back to its original shape.

An essential safety accessory is the front chainring protector. This is a specially designed aluminium plate which is mounted behind the bottom bracket and serves the purpose of preventing unnecessary injury or damage to other road users in the event of a collision. It will also protect your chainring from damage when manoeuvring it in the bike shed. It is also a requirement at most race meetings.

Besides the seat, the pedals are your most important link to the bike. For the sake of your comfort, we do not recommend that you use pedals with sharp points which will put pressure on the soles of your feet. After you are used to riding the bike it is a good idea to use system pedals which allow you to clip in. Beginners should acclimatise themselves without their feet fixed to the bike. With our complete bikes we fit a high-quality pedal from Wellgo with a sealed CrMo axle and a large aluminium cage. This pedal is ready for the Wellgo Quick Binding system; with only one screw an SPD compatible fitting can be fitted on to the existing pedal body, which makes a simple and inexpensive system pedal.

On the front boom is an M5 threaded braze on, onto which a tube can be screwed for mounting a cycle computer. Underneath the boom is a similar fitting for a front dynamo light. Since modern headlights have a directional reflector, we use an u-shaped bracket so that the light can be mounted the right way up. The light cables are run through the main frame, we use twin cable with plugs so they can bes disconnected if you remove the front boom.

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