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Caution, this bike is no longer available: The Street Machine Gt recumbent with steel frame and rigid seat has been replaced by the Street Machine Gte. These pages are only online for archive purposes.

The Street Machine Gt's seat

The Street Machine Gt's seat is adjustable within 10° of movement. When you sit on the Street Machine Gt it fits like a glove. The seat is at a comfortable height and gives a completely ergonomic position from which to control the bike. You sit high enough off the ground for good visibility but low enough so that most people can still put both feet on the ground. The anatomic shape, excellent lumbar suport and the large supported area means you should be comfortable on your bike for many hours.

The seat is made of a very light fibre-reinforced plastic and padded with a 1.4 cm thick layer of EH foam. This is a black, closed cellular material, which is also used for high-quality camping mats. It feels comfortable, without being too soft or sponge like. It is waterproof, so that you can wipe the seat dry with your hand in the event of your bike being left in the rain.

Airflow cushion for optimized ventilation.

For extra comfort especially in the warmer months you have the option of using our Airflow cushion. This offers substantially improved ventilation and wicking capacity for when things get hot. It is made up of a layer system of foam upholstery and a soft nylon mesh material which was originally made for use in engine filters. This material is highly porous and very soft. This sandwich is then covered with a layer of technical polyester fabric with a high wicking capacity, as is used for the backs of good quality rucsacs. This material is washable and dries fast. Both types of seat cover are fastened to the seat with Velcro, so that you can remove them easily.

The upper seat adjustment lever. Adjust the seat to your needs.

A major feature of the Street Machine Gt is the ability to adjust the seat within ten degrees of movement. While you are still getting used to recumbent riding or for city riding you can have the seat in the upright position; on longer rides you can put the seat flatter for better aerodynamics and to spread your weight more evenly over your body. The seat is fixed to the frame by two slotted aluminium fittings. By simply loosening the two quick release levers you can adjust the seat inclination by 10 degrees. At the middle of its movement the seat is approximately 35 degrees from horizontal. Because of the special cam shape of the two slotted holes, the seat effectively pivots around a central axis which means that there is no need to adjust the length of the boom each time you adjust the seat angle. This system also allows the bike to be as short as possible because the seat is not moving backwards, and it allows plenty of space for the rear suspension travel.

You'll find an extra channel for your spine under the seat cover. Ergonomic design.

The seat supports the entire length and width of the back so there are no pressure points to create discomfort. For riding comfort the upper bend of the seat is in the shoulder area; this means that the upper spine is cradled so that the head is in a natural and relaxed position. On long rides, a head rest can increase your riding comfort as you can relax your neck for a few seconds by leaning back. You can mount our custom headrest to your existing seat.

A new feature is a special channel down the centre for your spine with an extra layer of foam.

For adjustment to different back lengths the seat is available in three sizes. As rough guide; people under 1,73m height are recommended the S seat, up to approximately 1.83m height the M seat, upt to 1,93 the L seat, and over that height the XL seat. Back lengths however vary so we recommend that you try out the different sizes. If the seat is too small you will feel as if your back is being restricted and you may find that the curve of your spine is not fully supported.

Refresh yourself.

The back of the seat is a good position for fixing a drinking bottle. It is reinforced along its length by two hollow ribs. You can drill two five millimetre holes for the bottle cages in the area in between of the ribs at the top end of the seat. This will not affect the structural integrity of the seat. Do not drill the holes any bigger than this as this will invalidate our warranty.

A sweet break at the vineyards
A peek into the vineyards ;-)

You can also mount a water bottle cage on each side of the seat, at about the height of your hips. When riding it is easy to reach over your shoulder for refreshment. For longer rides you can use a Camelbag attached by straps or velcro to the back of the seat. The simplest and most accessible place is in the side pockets of panniers fitted to the lowrider rack. Here you can also keep your bananas and your snack foods so that you never have to stop to refuel, although we admit that stopping for a picnic has its attractions ...

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