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Caution, this bike is no longer available: The Street Machine Gt recumbent with steel frame and rigid seat has been replaced by the Street Machine Gte. These pages are only online for archive purposes.

The Street Machine Gt Lowrider

New: Street Machine Gt Lowrider with Kickstand-Mount. Ideal for your heavy luggage: the Street Machine Gt lowrider. With the rack designed specially for this bike you can use the free space between the wheels for hanging your bags. Placing the load in between the wheels and with a low centre of gravity is optimal for heavy loads. The handling of the bike remains precise and dynamic - unlike conventional touring bikes, where loaded bags often interfere with the feet or are hung on the front forks, where they slow down the steering response.

The Lowrider is bent and welded from 12 mm aluminium tube, finished afterwards with an impact resistant powder coating.

The Lowrider features a built-in kickstand plate. You can mount a standard propstand in the middle of the bike. This offers a far better support for the parked machine than any propstand mounted at the rear axle.

Ideal for your heavy luggage: the Street Machine Gt lowrider

The Lowrider is compatible with most front panniers from well-known manufacturers (for example the "Frontroller" waterproof panniers from Ortlieb). Supported by the trapezoidal construction, bags with the modern clicking systems can be particularly easily mounted to the crosswise and longitudinal pipes. The lowrider can carry up to 25 kg, distributed between both sides.

Since both luggage racks of the Street Machine Gt are fastened to the main frame, your luggage also always travels fully suspended. And because the unsuspended mass is kept as low as possible, the suspension is always able to react sensitively. A further bonus is that your bags may last longer since they are not constantly exposed to vibrations from bumps and potholes.

Just mount your heavy bags at the Street Machine Gt's Lowrider One great advantage with the lowrider is that when you are touring you can keep maps, drinking bottles and food always to hand. Otherwise we suggest mounting bottle cages to the back of the seat or in the pockets of specially designed seat bags from manufacturers such as Radical.

By using both luggage racks you can carry four large pannier bags securely and comfortably on your bike - and still have the loading area of the rack for bulky items such as a tent or sleeping mat.

Instead of the rear rack, you can use the Lowrider in conjunction with our streamlined luggage box, the Speedbag, which combines superior aerodynamics with a practical, lockable trunk.

Vier Radtaschen an der Street Machine Gt - kein Problem mit dem Lowrider The Lowrider is designed to be mounted together with the rear carrier. If you want to mount the lowrider without carrier, you will need a pair of spacers - two 24 mm long tubes with 8 mm inner dia. Please contact us if you like us to supply some.

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