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Foldable full suspension recumbent tricycle Scorpion fs 20

The roughest road becomes an exhilarating ride.
The full suspension chassis of the Scorpion fs 20

Pot holes, cobblestones, gravel roads: the condition of your way ahead can be shocking indeed. From now on you are going to look forward to ride those little sweet challenges. Once you want to leave the beaten track, you are in need of a quick responding suspension, perfect roadholding, precise steering and an optimum of steadiness. Now, the Scorpion fs 20 is your perfect choice.

The comfortable MacPherson front suspension has 6 cm (2.4 inches) of travel and uses a reliable spring and elastomer system. The Scorpion fs 20's most unique feature is the beefy wishbone and stabilizer bar system under the cruciform frame. This stops the trike from rolling in corners whilst preserving its suspension movement. The suspension struts are supported on the far end of the frame's rigid, large diameter crossbar close to the wheel. The adjustable whishbones are equipped with maintenance free bearings. With this design, our engineers were able to keep unsuspended masses at a minimum, achieving a rapidly responding front suspension action with an astonishing low weight from 17,5 kg for this fully suspended recumbent touring trike. The suspension preload is adjustable. By exchanging the steel springs and varying the parallelly positioned MCU-elastomer / spacer stack you can adjust the suspension characteristics, stiffness and progression to match your individual riding style and needs.

Front suspension recumbent tricycle Scorpion fs 20

HP Velotechnik's Stabilizer System features an anti-roll bar for optimum stability when cornering hard. It optimizes control in the limit range, increases the steadiness and minimizes dipping while braking. The design's kinematic controls camber and the gauge of track and keeps the steering smoothly running – free from brake- or bump-steer. You will feel immediately the sportive handling and direct feedback from the road.

The suspension system is fully integrated into the frame design and isolates your body from road vibration. It is fully tuneable for performance and works completely independently of your pedalling force. We call this No Squat suspension design, and it is a system that has been perfected over thousands of miles on HP's range of recumbent two wheelers and trikes. What it means is, if you accelerate uphill, you accelerate without power loss!

Full suspension recumbent tricycle Scorpion fs 20

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