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Scorpion fs 26

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Press Room – Scorpion fs26

Scorpion fs26 Our full suspension speed-trike makes a stir: read what the press is saying about the Scorpion fs. Tests and press reviews of our other products as well as portraits of our company are available at the main press room.

All articles are sorted by release date, with the newest articles on top of the list. Besides a small quote we've also listed the origin of the article as well as an indicator as to its length.

In English:

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS (Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine #43 05/2013)
"I used to worry that as I got older, l'd end up spending my afternoons sitting on the front porch with my old dog, watching the cars go by, our glory days of me riding and him running along beside me, over. However, with comfortable, maneuverable recumbent trikes like the Scorpion fs around, I'm starting to see a whole lot of fun rides ahead of us."
Review Scorpion fs26 – length: medium

HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26 (bentrideronline.com 30.04.2013)
"HP Velotechnik has an unqualified hit on their hands with their Scorpion fs full-suspension tadpole. Dealers are moving them quickly and owners adore them. However, its not in HPVelotechniks nature to ever leave well enough alone. Therefore, it was inevitable that there would be a new version eventually. So came to be that the new Scorpion fs 26 that was unveiled with much fanfare at last years Eurobike show."
Review Scorpion fs26 – length: medium

In German:

Giftiger Skorpion (ElektroRad 01/2019)
"Die Liegerad-Pioniere von HP Velotechnik aus Kriftel bei Frankfurt haben mit dem Scorpion fs 26 ein giftiges Elektro-Trike im Angebot, das seinem Namen alle Ehre macht. Der orangefarbene Racer mit Shimano-Antrieb sieht nicht nur pfeilschnell aus. Er lässt sich auch entsprechend bewegen.
Test Scorpion fs26 – length: short

Tiefflieger (aktiv radfahren 05/2013)
"Grobe Fahrbahnen, anspruchsvolle Touren, rauher Alltag - alles kein Problem mit dem neuen Scorpion FS 26. Das superkomfortable, hochmoderne Fahrwerk und die hohe Qualität bringen Fahrspaß wie Sicherheit. Ein ausgereiftes Hightech-Liege-Trike wie es besser nicht sein kann!"
Review Scorpion fs26 – length: medium

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