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Scorpion trike action in the german movie 13 Semester

Scorpion trikes in the movies

Darmstadt, cordoned off on a mild spring day in May 2008: An entire neighborhood is ratfrher curious, passers-by watch a 45-member film crew in the streets. Amidst them, casually leaning back, is actor Max Riemelt (The Wave, Napola) on his Scorpion recumbent tricycle. A little later, the rattle of the camera ATV fills the air, while Riemelt once again controls the Scorpion through a rapid corner, until finally, Frieder Wittich with his "Thank you, that's it!" dismisses the crew for a short coffee break.

Wittich, director, who is shooting the comedy 13 semesters in the Hessian college town,wanted modern recumbent trikes for key scenes in his film and to bring fresh ideas to the action shots by using the recumbent perspective.

Months before shooting began, the director, lead actor Max Riemelt, and specialists from the prop and stunt coordination teams visited recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik in Kriftel to select the best vehicles. After that, several similar trikes, some with special accessories or extra wobbling front wheels, were built. The film crew not only used Kriftel techniques building the trikes but also used the two founders of HP Velotechnik in the film. And it was set: Paul Hollants gets a role as a tricycle driver with a 10 second speaking part; Daniel Pulvermüller serves as a stunt double for Max Riemelt.

On the day of shooting, Daniel Pulvermüller is used for ramming during the chase scenes while equipped with the wig and clothes of the main character "Momo," while Paul Hollants climbs into the shoes and pants of actress Petra Quednau. Late in the evening, strong spotlights are brought out to extend the shooting day for the last few detail shots. While Alexander Fehling, who plays a taxi driver, sat on a plane to Berlin, Hollants jumped in to be Fehling's foot double, stomping on the old taxis' brake pedals 20 times - also bringing the film to a halt. Meanwhile, the sound crew took the Scorpion out for extra rounds in order to get braking sound effects for the soundtrack. Finally, the call is made to the Scorpion, action star: Thanks, that's a wrap - see you in the movies.

13 Semester Film: Gewinnspielpostkarte mit Scorpion Dreirad Dreirad Scorpion im Film 13 Semester Der Film
Von der Provinz in die Freiheit: Der Studienplatz für Wirtschaftsmathematik führt die beiden Freunde Momo (Max Riemelt) und Dirk (Robert Gwisdek) vom elterlichen Ausflugslokal in Brandenburg an die TU in Darmstadt und damit mitten hinein ins Studentenleben. Dazu gehören für Momo allerdings auch viel zu schwierige Vorlesungen, sein nervender Mitbewohner Bernd, seine Traumfrau Kerstin, Geldmangel und eine daraus resultierende vermeintlich geniale Geschäftsidee. Der ersten Orientierungsphase folgt schnell komplette Orientierungslosigkeit und während Dirk in Vorlesungen, Hausarbeiten und Tutorien aufgeht, beginnt für Momo die semesterübergreifende Suche nach dem Platz im Leben und anderen Kleinigkeiten. Regisseur Frieder Wittich hat eine charmante Studentenkommödie inszeniert, die von der Twentieth Century Fox ab 07. Jannuar 2010 in die Kinos gebracht wird. Mehr zum Film unter

The original three-wheeler from the film has been donated by HP Velotechnik for the RTL Fundraising Marathon for a good cause. Actor Max Riemelt signed the fast recumbent tricycle, which he drives during the filming of the movie as the student Momo on the way to his final examination in a fast-paced chase through the streets of Darmstadt. The bike was auctioned to benefit the RTL Children's Aid in November 2009. The RTL Foundation "We help kids eV" every year supports selected children in need of assistance in Germany and around the world.

Thanks a lot for the English translation by Travis Prebble /

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