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Grasshopper fx
Streetmachine Gte
Gekko 26
Gekko fx 20
Gekko fx 26
Gekko fxs
Gekko US edition
Scorpion fx
Scorpion fs 20
Scorpion fs 26
Scorpion fs 26 Enduro
Scorpion fs 26 - S-Pedelec
Scorpion plus 20
Scorpion plus 26

Comfort and ability accessories
AirZound Horn

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Fast, comfortable and reliable: modern bicycle concepts by HP Velotechnik.

At HP Velotechnik, we design bikes and trikes for both daily use and long journeys. To meet these goals we do not only develop innovative bicycles, but also provide carefully selected, usefull accessoires. Browse through the following pages and find detailed information and tips to the individual products. You can also print our the product folders available in our download-section. New products and component changes are featured on our developments-page.

The best reasons for our recumbents are those we can only outline in the Internet: the exhilerating ride - fast and controllable - and the relaxing travelling comfort. We've collected the impressions of a number of journalists in our press room.

With our custom configurator you can conveniently choose, print and save your desired component specification for your custom-made recumbent bike or trike from HP Velotechnik.

Did you become curious? Why don't you convince yourself: contact one of our dealers to arrange for your personal test ride soon.

GrassHopper fx GrassHopper fx

fast and comfortable
foldable touring recumbent

Street Machine Gte Street Machine Gte

going for the long haul?
long distance tourer

Speedmachine Speedmachine

Lower. Faster. Further.
Race recumbent!

HP Velotechnik Gekko 26 Logo HP Velotechnik Gekko

high pleasure for low budget
comfortable, rigid entry level trike

Gekko fx recumbent trike Gekko fx Logo

fastest folding trike for any ride
nimble, foldable allround trike

Gekko fx 26 recumbent trike Gekko fx 26 Logo

Long wheelbase, dynamic performance
brisk, foldable touring trike

Gekko fxs recumbent trike Gekko fxs Logo

Grows with your needs
great trike for short people

Scorpion trike Scorpion

Fahrvergnügen on 3 wheels
touring trike

Scorpion fx - foldable touring trike Scorpion fx Logo

Rides great. Folds fast.
foldable touring trike

Scorpion fs - full suspension trike Scorpion fs Logo

full suspension foldable
action trike

Scorpion fs 26 - The full-suspension Speed-Trike Scorpion fs Logo

Optimally smooth Ride
The full-suspension Speed-Trike

Scorpion fs 26 Enduro - The nippy Offroad-Trike Scorpion fs Logo

Ready for new experiences?
The nippy Offroad-Trike

Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec - The E-Trike up to 45 km/h Scorpion fs Logo

The Art of High-speed biking
The E-Trike up to 44 km/h

Scorpion plus 20 recumbent trike Scorpion plus 20 Logo

Upright and compact
The full-suspension trike for daily use

Scorpion plus 26 Liegerad Dreirad Scorpion plus 20 Logo

Higher, wider, more comfortable!
The full-suspension SUV-Trike

Comfort- & ability accessories Comfort- & ability accessories

Mobility for all!
Accessories for special needs

Streamer Frontverkleidung Streamer

Cut through the air!
Stay dry and warm


bike loud!
Air powered horn

T-Shirts The Moonbiker collection

T-Shirts, caps, water bottles, bags...
Dress for success!

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