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folded recumbent bike Grasshopper fx

True size shows up even in little ones.
The Grasshopper fx. May I wrap it up for you?

comfortably on tour with the recumbent bike Grasshopper fx

If your Grasshopper fx needs to find a compact shelter after a relaxing tour, you can fold it within 60 seconds.
While stopping shift directly on the large chain ring and the biggest sprocket, doing this the chain will be beautifully strained.

Remoovable seat with quick release mounts

The seat is removable by quick-release. After opening the quick-release lever twist it around the quick-release hub axle 3-4 times, in order to release the seat safety dropouts. Take off the seat, it will find place in the retaining loops of the carrying strap later on.

fold the handlebars to the front

Turn the right pedal forward, like this it will find place behind the rear rack. Press the above seat steering forward. With the under seat steering, just open the quick-release fastener at the stem and pull the handlebar/stem combination out of the frameside-mounted stem. To stow the handlebar away, just slide the stem-stud into the rubber socket on the seat tube - we simply call it the "Gummiflomp".

open the folding hinge

Open the quick-release lever at the folding joint. Press the quick-release hub axle against the spring-pressure downwards, in order to unlock the safety bolt in the folding joint. Swing the front wheel half to the back.

folding hinge detail

The chain protection tubes are flexible in the sector of the folding joint. The chain twists itself around 90° while folding and can be folded to the side easily. The light cable running through the frame is protected by a robust covering. Take the secure strap and push it underneath the front frame into the lock and press the two frame halves together, until the frames are stopped in their final carry and storage position by the rubber buffer.

folded recumbent bike

Dimensions folded (length x width x height):
96 × 50 × 70 cm with under seat steering
96 × 60 × 70 cm with above seat steering

For an even narrower package, you can rotate the above seat handlebar after loosening a screw and unscrewing the left pedal.

folded recumbent Grasshopper fx with shoulder strap

Bear it lightly: Together with the transport cover comes a practical shoulder strap to carry your folded Grasshopper fx. The seat can be mounted easily to the loops of the strap. You can use the strap even without the transport cover.

Grasshopper fx recumbent bike with transport cover

The cover protects your clothes, the car or the train against dirt and conceals your Grasshopper fx from intrusive eyes. On the road stow the cover into the attached bag and fix it behind the seat tube. More impressive is only one thing: Quickly unfold your Grasshopper fx and enjoy another ride with panorama view from your recumbent...

Numbers and figures: Find our about Grasshopper fx's technical data >>

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