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Individually adjustable recumbent seat OrthoFlex

The OrthoFlex-Seat

A unique feature of the OrthoFlex seat: With eight individually adjustable padding sections, almost anybody's back and almost any spine size can be precisely supported! Providing ergonomic back and lateral support has never been easier than this: The sides of the seat are equipped with special pockets – their openings are clearly marked by blue ribbons. You can arrange the eight individually adjustable padding elements in the pockets according to the rider's needs. Width adjustments are therefore possible, as are adjustments in the lordotic area (lower lumbar spine). And as your child grows, you can simply re-arrange the padding.

Adjusting padding on recumbent seat OrthoFlex

For riders under 1,40 m (4'7"), padding elements can be added in the upper seat back area as a head rest or on the side of the head as an orientation support. Larger riders can install an optional head rest, adjustable in both height and angle. A retention belt is standard. The OrthoFlex seat is equipped with a washable mesh seat and reflex strips for improved visibility at night. You will find a practical pouch in the top of the seat where you can put small items like keys, wallet as well as an optional rain protection cover for the seat.

The positive health benefits of recumbent cycling for the heart, nervous system, joints and muscles will only be achieved if the rider uses their exercise trike with continuous passion. With the Gekko fxs, people can now exercise outside with joy and ease.

Adaptive recumbent tricycle for kids Gekko fxs

If the rider needs extra guidance, HP Velotechnik can install its unique companion bar. It allows an escort to actively control the trike's steering and brakes as well as to give the rider a little extra push. As the escort walks on the left side next to the rider, communication between the two is always possible.

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