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Gekko fxs - a great recumbent trike for small riders

A great trike for short people
Gekko fxs: the trike that grows with your needs

Shorter people in particular, often had to settle for solutions that were far from ergonomically beneficial for their anatomy – now the Gekko fxs comfortably adapts to their special needs!

The Gekko fxs stands solidly on three wheels. The crossbar of the reinforced frame connects the two front wheels elegantly while sweeping significantly further rearwards to the seat than on other trikes, enabling an easy access to the vehicle. The rider benefits from the vehicle's safe road handling, allowing anyone who feels uncertain about riding or people with balance issues to confidently ride and exercise outside.

Kids recumbent trike Gekko fxs

The versatility of this vehicle is not only that it is an ideal cycle that can grow with a rider as they progress from child to adult. It is HP Velotechnik's first ever tadpole trike to be aimed at a part of the population that the industry often neglects: very short riders. Previous series models in the special bike segment were commonly designed for rider heights starting around 1,60 m (5'3"). This meant that the non-tipping, ergonomically-optimised vehicles were unsuitable for a significant part especially of the female population – the average height of women in Germany is just under 1,65 m (5'5")! The Gekko fxs is furthermore a highly adjustable vehicle which adapts to your personal needs thanks to an extensive set of speciality accessories.

As well as the frame being extendible at two different places, the comfortable OrthoFlex mesh seat has been given a dose of growth hormone by our passionate designers. Special care has been given to make this trike ultimately easy to use, have a compact folding size, and to be a perfect match for our comprehensive range of adaptive cycling equipment.

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