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Media Service News 2015:
Recumbent trike Scorpion plus 26

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Download Press Release as PDF: New Scorpion plus 26 (2014/08/05)

New for 2015: Scorpion plus 26 - the Trike with SUV Genes

Higher, wider and more comfortable: HP Velotechniks new trike generation is setting standards/ Riding a trike has never before been so comfortable: High seating position for an almost perfect all-round views and easy mounting / Numerous new options for added convenience like an electric motor with a reverse gear

******** Summary ***********

Friedrichshafen. A small revolution is occurring at HP Velotechnik, the recumbent manufacturers from Germany. The classical low tadpole recumbent trike has grown into an armchair trike. The motto for the engineers when drawing the new "Scorpion plus 26" was: higher, wider, more comfortable. Especially in regard to comfort matters the new generation raises the bar considerably. It has never been easier to enter a trike. The trike with SUV genes addresses persons who could or would not consider the bicycle as a means of transport. CEO Paul Hollants is convinced that dyed-in-the-wool cyclists will discover even more at the Foyer West (FW-300) of the Eurobike (August, 26th - 30th): "Our new SUV Trike Scorpion Plus combines the pleasure of riding with a superior overview in traffic and the already well known ergonomic advantages of this class of vehicle."

The newly designed wide frame including a new seat lifts the driver up to a seat height of 57 cm. "This is definitely at eye level with most car drivers and was unthinkable up to now for trikes of this type", says Hollants. The seat guarantees an anatomically very comfortable posture. Strains on spine, neck and torso muscles are noticeably reduced. Arms and hands rest in relaxed positions. The newly developed hand rest is the true cherry on the cake. This comes in response to feedback from many trike fans who want to simply rest their hand on the handlebars without keeping a constant hold of the grip.

But the search for greater comfort did not stop there. For the electric bike version, the German company also presents the electrical reverse gear. The new, premium electric drive also offers a large colored screen, remote operation from the handlebars and a 558 Wh rechargeable battery. Those who opt for the dual battery option from the companys modular system can enjoy a range of up to 260 km. The full-suspension, foldable Scorpion plus is also safer than ever, and not just because of the extra tipping stability thanks to the wide chassis: The optional brake light enables riders to give a clear signal to the traffic behind them when braking.

However, the most astonishing thing about the larger Scorpion plus is that even smaller riders with heights from just 1.49 meters can pedal away on this stylish vehicle. The pure elegance of the SUV trike is highlighted by the new color scheme of Sahara silver. The "Scorpion plus 26" will be available from specialist dealers from January 2015 with a starting price of 3,990 Euros or 6,480 Euros in the version with the premium motor. For further information, please visit or phone +49 61 92-97 99 20.

******** Long Version ********

Friedrichshafen. "And how do I get on?" Almost everyone who faces a recumbent trike for the first time asks this question. And many add: "That would be too low for me out on the road." With the new Scorpion plus 26, such discussions are a thing of the past. The rider intuitively climbs on from the front and hovers above everything. This has been made possible thanks to the far larger frame and the ErgoMesh HS plus seat. A comfortable seat height of 57 centimeters was previously inconceivable for this kind of bike. From August, 26th - 30th, Eurobike visitors can see the difference that eleven centimeters makes to a trike (compared to the former HP Velotechnik models) at the booth in the west foyer (FW-300) or experience the difference for themselves with a test ride (eastern outdoor area, FGO-109).

The core element of the new trike with SUV genes is its fully redesigned frame. In creating this, the developers have achieved the almost physically impossible, as Daniel Pulvermüller, Managing Director and Head of the Design department, commented: "We wanted to construct a high multi-track vehicle that still offered maximum tipping stability. The Scorpion plus will act as a solid platform for universal uses - you could say its a real sports utility vehicle."

At first glance, the frame is about ten centimeters higher and wider than that of previous models. According to Pulvermüller, however, the real design plus only becomes clear on taking a closer look: Unlike on sporty members of the Scorpion family such as the Enduro or the S-Pedelec, the seat edge on the generation plus model appears to move forward to the frame cross-members. We say appears as actually, in relation to the design as a whole, the seat is positioned further back. This was necessary to optimize the center of gravity and enable the high vehicle to achieve its impressive tipping stability. To still enable users to mount the trike easily, the developers have made major changes to the geometry of the front wheel axle. The two support elements on the main frame now strain powerfully forward and act like open arms, inviting users to take a seat with a single movement. The wishbone and stabilizer system were also radically overhauled for the comfort model: In line with the contours of the frame cross-member, they bend firmly forward to create more space between the wheel and the frame, enabling users to mount the trike easily. An extra bonus from operation comfort: The permissible maximum load has also increased from 140 to 150 kilograms.

Larger vehicle for smaller riders

Yet the most astounding thing about the larger Scorpion plus is that the new geometric design now also enables far smaller riders with heights from just 1.49 meters to easily climb onto the stylish trikes and start pedaling.

But despite all these changes, the vehicles have in no way lost their classic Scorpion genes. The trike is a full-suspension model that uses the same tried-and-tested McPherson chassis as the rest of the "Scorpion fs" range. Thanks to HP Velotechniks patented quick-folding hinge, the trike can be quickly and easily folded to just 81 x 91 x 99 cm (L x W x H) and fits in almost any car trunk. The height increase is reflected in the Scorpion pluss extra 16 cm ground clearance, which provides plenty of space between the trike and rough terrain without it becoming shaky - just like an SUV.

Sporty riders may prefer the BodyLink seat to the high ErgoMesh HS plus one. However, even with this sporty hard shell version, the command seat still reaches a lofty 43 centimeters. The manufacturer assures that the seat, which is attached by three quick releases, can be removed in seconds. And thanks to the new seat stop, finely adjusting the seat position is now easier than ever.

Electric bike with reverse gear

"We didnt just limit ourselves to seat-related matters in our comfort offensive", emphasized Paul Hollants, joint Managing Director of HP Velotechnik together with Pulvermüller. "We also focused on the U in SUV and worked hard to refine useful details for everyday road use." The most spectacular new feature is the hub motor with an electric reverse gear designed in cooperation with the premium supplier GO SwissDrive. Reversing electrically assisted with a limited maximum speed of 3 km/h is no problem due to the sound stand of the trikes.

But the swiss motor can deliver much more: the new remote control is attached directly to the handle. All switching can be done intuitively with a thumb on the touchpad, rather than having to look at it, though the large new color display (3.2") does allow for easy overview and control. Furthermore the unit is very flexible: Ready for Bluetooth 4.0 communication it allows phonecall visualization during the ride. Service data exchange is possible via app. And the USB connector enables the rider to charge USB devices up to 5 V / 1A.

The motor can be individually programmed with different profiles. "Start power" for example lets the motor push forward with extra force when taking off. According to the makers the new motor offers high efficiency even at low revs, which is to say that the motor will run smoothly even at slow speeds with a high current flow. In addition to this the new refined lithium ion rechargeable battery pack (36V) delivers a whopping increase of 25% power capacity at 558 Wh. Thus the HP Velotechnik dual propulsion option with two battery packs evenly mounted under the seat for a low center of gravity, will allow for assisted riding distances of up to 260 kilometers (roughly 160 miles).

At the same time, the Generation plus also offers a further advantage, as Hollants emphasized: "We use the larger chassis to create plenty of space for luggage." The rear support can hold four conventional bags with a load of up to 50 kilograms without the rechargeable batteries and bidons getting in the way. And anyone who wants to transport bulky goods will learn to appreciate the Scorpion as a willing packhorse. There is no need to worry when attaching a bike trailer: The two steered wheels on the wide front are always in view and enable the trike rider to safely estimate how much space the attached load carrier requires.

Hand rest and brake light

The large Scorpions character also shines through in the little details. One small part with a great effect is the new hand rest. Hollants commented: "You dont have to be a cycling globetrotter to quickly notice that the supported cushion under the handlebar grips provides outstanding respite for the hands." When ergonomically adjusted, riders can cruise through the countryside even more casually than if they were driving a car with their arm resting on the center console.

Of course, the hand rest can also be installed on all other models from the Hesse-based recumbent specialist. The same applies to the optional brake light - a real plus in terms of safety: In combination with a lighting system with a SON hub dynamo, recumbent riders can instantly show the traffic behind them when they are pressing the brakes.

The pure elegance of the SUV trike is highlighted by the new color scheme of Sahara Silver. The "Scorpion plus 26" is alternatively available in Magma Red. It will be available from specialist dealers from January 2015 with a starting price of 3,990 Euros. As on previous models, customers can select any desired added extras, such as an electric drive, from the broad modular system. With the premium GO SwissDrive motor, the bike costs 6,480 Euros; with the optional BionX 250 W motor, the overall cost is reduced to 5,480 Euros. For further information, please visit or phone +49 61 92 - 97 99 20.

******** For further informations (only for the desk) ********

Alexander Kraft, press spokesman HP Velotechnik OHG
Tel. +49 61 92 - 97 99 22 83, mobile +49 160 - 99 85 87 94

******** HP Velotechnik at the Eurobike ********

26.08.2014 (DemoDay, only trade visitors)
Fair Friedrichshafen, Parking Area East 1, Stand DD-514

27. - 30. August (27th 29th only trade visitors / open to the general public on 30th)
Fair Friedrichshafen, Foyer West, booth FW-300
E-Trike-test parcours: Eastern outdoor area, booth FG0-109

******** Technical Data Scorpion plus 26 ********

Basic model, other components on option

Frame: Scorpion plus 26 (Alu 7005 T6) 10 years warranty
Color: Plain Sahara Silver or Magma Red with front boom and chainstays in black; other colors on option
Tires (front): Tryker by Schwalbe (20")
Tires (rear): Marathon Racer by Schwalbe (26")
Seat height: from 43 cm (BodyLink hard shell) up to 57 cm (ErgoMesh HS plus mesh seat)
Seat angle: 35 - 44°
Suspension; HP Velotechnik McPherson strut with stabilizer system (front 60 mm); Dnm DV22 steel spring/oil (rear 80 mm)
Brakes: 2 x Avid BB7 disc brakes (front, individual application to each wheel)
Gear system Sram DualDrive 24 speed
Length: 186 - 218 cm (adjustable for riders with height from 149 - 200 cm)
Wheelbase: 120 cm
Width/Track width: 91 cm / 86 cm
Ground clearence: 15,5 cm
Turning circle: 5,35 m
Weight: from 19,5 kg
Max. Payload: up to 150 kg
Package measuring: 81 x 91 x 99 cm (LxWxH)

Price: starting from 3,990 €, with motor starting from 6,480 €
Available: from January 2015

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