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Media Service: Eurobike Cycling Trend 2014:
Dual Propulsion for the Trike Fleet

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Download Press Release as PDF: "Dual Propulsion for the Trike Fleet" (PDF-Format, 543KB, 2013-08-13

New for 2014: Dual Propulsion for the Trike Fleet
German recumbent manufacturer is doubling its electric trikes' range: the second rechargeable battery is in perfect harmony with the trike design / System-integrated solution thanks to technology from GO SwissDrive / New charger almost halves the 'refueling' time

KRIFTEL. While other pedelec manufacturers are talking about range, HP Velotechnik's e-trikes are already moving on – twice as far in fact. This is made possible by a second rechargeable battery. Like the first battery, it is securely attached beneath the seat on the speedy recumbents. Visitors to the Eurobike trade fair can discover the ingenious partabout this global innovation for trikes at stand FW 300: cyclists can switch from the empty to the full battery with one simple hand movement. The dual propulsion option will be available from the company from November 2013.

In designing the agile Gekko fx electric trike with assisted speeds of up to 25 km/h, the recumbent specialists opted for a high-performance system from the Swiss manufacturer GO SwissDrive. With a capacity of 446 Wh, the 36.2 V, 12.4 Ah battery drives a 250 W motor with a torque of over 40 Nm. The dual-battery option increases the range to up to 210 kilometers. The easy-to-fold trike costs €5628/$US 6484 (basic price for Gekko fx without electric drive remains €2290 / $US 2690).

A further model also available with twice the range is the Scorpion S-Pedelec with assisted speeds of up to 45 km/h. The 36.5 V,14.5 Ah Varta rechargeable battery has a capacity of 530 Wh and drives a 500 W motor with a torque of over 40 Nm. For tourers like the S-Pedelec, the second rechargeable battery offers a decisive advantage: it enablesup to 130 high-speed kilometers. The trike costs €7889/$US 8540 (basic price for the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec remains €6990 /$US 7495).

HP Velotechnik's innovative dual strategy is based on morethan simple convenience. It also offers a clear functional aspect. Unlike on conventional bikes where standard rechargeable batteries can usually only be attached to the frame or high up on the luggage carrier with a poor center of gravity, the dual tank on trikes can be attached low down and positioned symmetrically on the left and right. Not only does it perfectly blend in with the design features but the vehicle also becomes more stable to ride and offers greater rear wheel traction. The improvements to the road holding and ride dynamics know few bounds: unlike the dual-battery solutions that have sporadically appeared on conventional, upright bikes, the trikes can carry power packs of almost any size.

Meeting customers' desires

"In innumerable conversations with our end customers, we heard the same desire over and over again: the desire forgreater range", stated HP Velotechnik CEO Paul Hollants inexplanation of the reasons behind the innovation. Reaching their destination is a key factor for long-distance cyclists: "So as not get caught out with an empty battery on route, many people use stop gap solutions such as carrying a second battery in their touring luggage", commented Hollants. "There is now no longer any need for this: we offer a comprehensive, system-integrated solution." The dual-propulsion system will therefore be available across the recumbent specialists' entire trike range. Of course, in line with HP Velotechnik's popular modular concept, customers will still be able to choose whether to take their trikes touring with one or two batteries. Head developer Daniel Pulvermüller, who co-manages the recumbent manufacturer with Paul Hollants, is certain of one thing: "Our dual-battery option has put us along way ahead in the discussions about range."

In creating this innovation, the specialist bike manufacturer is highlighting its desire to offer e-mobility solutions for more than just short distances. Pedal-assisted cycling will also be highly attractive for medium distances. "Whether a commuter, tourer cyclist or cycle tourist, when you get off your bike in the evening, you will still be far from in the red", stated Hollants with conviction before adding with a smile: "If someone came to us tomorrow with a rechargeable battery of the same size and weight and a range of 150 kilometers, here at HP Velotechnik, we would simply sit back and say: We can double it."

Quicker 'refueling': new chargers

Thanks to their cooperation with GO SwissDrive, the recumbent specialists from Kriftel are also upgrading their chargers. The new 'gas station' for the 250 W system onthe Gekko fx offers a charge current of 4.5 amperes to reduce the charge time for a battery to the length of an extended lunch break. Compared to the usual times (four to five hours using stations with around 2 amperes), this phenomenally improves convenience, especially for cycle tourists. The charge time has even almost halved for the 500 W system for the Scorpion S-pedelec: with 4 amperes of charging current, the vehicle will be ready to continue the journey after 3.5 hours.

********* Background information on HP Velotechnik *********

HP Velotechnik was founded by Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller in 1993. Its production site in Kriftel near Frankfurt employs 30 people (including four trainees) and manufactures approximately 1,700 recumbents per year, making it the European market leader. The bikes are individually built to order by hand and sold via specialist bike dealers. Signs of growthare evident: The recumbents are sold in Germany and Europe; increasing numbers are also being exported to more distant regions such as U.S.A., Australia, and Japan.
HP Velotechnik has developed ten recumbent models across the entire class spectrum from everyday bikes to racers. All models are available with powerful electric motors on request. Recently, the the fullsuspension e-trike Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec for up to 45 km/h caused asensation and won the renowned Eurobike Design Award 2012.
Even as students, the company founders Hollants and Pulvermüller were national champions with their cabin trike in the Association of German Engineers 1992 JUTEC youth and technology competition. This provided the foundation stone for their development from a garage laboratory to one of Germanys most innovative bike companies. In 2012, HP Velotechnik was once again named as one of Germanys three best bike manufacturers by the bike industry association VSF. For further information, please visit

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