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Comfort & Rehab Accessories

Great Technology Must Look Good - Clean, Tidy and Functional

Of course, this claim also applies to the accessories that we design at HP Velotechnik. Especially when it comes to accessories for special needs! Our line of comfort and rehabilitation options turns aids such as foot holders, hand rests or walking stick locks into highly functional design pieces.

With the practical and intuitive velcro retainers, the foot holder and hand fixation become a real eye-catcher. The sophisticated fixing system conceals a Velcro strap with an amazing snap-on mechanism. A quick jerk on the buckle – and hand or foot are released.

Liegeradzubehör Handauflage

Hand rest

A real boost to comfort for all trike riders. The hands easily guide the handlebars without the need for strenuous holding effort on the handlebar grip. The comfortably padded hand rests can be individually adjusted in angle and inclination. Also available as a version with hand fixation, especially for use with a one-hand operation option (see below on this page). The quick access ensures easy insertion of the forearm with restricted movement capabilities. The fixation of the arm allows it to be moved and mobilized during steering movements.

Stand up aid

With the standing-up aid, you get a handle that can be mounted left or right or in pairs over the front wheels. The standing-up aid provides you with firm support to pull yourself up out of the seat or to support yourself when getting in. The handles can be easily adjusted or removed after loosening a quick release. Some users also use them to mount action cameras, navigation devices or the like.

Liegeradzubehör Aufstehhilfe
Pedal Fersen- Fuß-Fixierung Heel Strap

Pedal with heel and foot fixation

The alternative pedal for those who cannot or do not want to use a system pedal. Easy, quick access with any shoe thanks to the balanced rest position. With one-hand fixing of the heel for safe and efficient pedaling. To get out, the shoe can be released immediately with one grip. Available as an option for complete bikes or as a set for retrofitting.

Ergo Safety Pedal

The Ergo safety pedal allows the foot to be secured and adjusted to the angle and width of the foot. Practical one-hand velcro fasteners with spring steel inlay. The SPD safety binding allows freedom of movement when pedaling which is easy on the joints and can be safety plus as it releases the foot in critical situations.

Ergo-Sicherheitspedal Ergonomic Safety Pedal
Liegeradzubehör Ergo-Pedal mit Unterschenkelfixierung

Ergo pedal with lower leg fixation

Ergo pedal with lower leg fixation: Especially for users with functional limitations of the lower leg or foot, it enables active or passive movement and mobilization with every crank turn. Angle, width and height of the lower leg fixation adjustable. For a maximum stabilization of the lower leg this variant works without a SPD binding.

Walking aid holder

Easy insertion, safe carrying and quick removal of walking aids such as canes or walking sticks. The practical quick-release mechanism adjusts continuously to diameters from 20 to 30 mm, HP Velotechnik’s spring steel fixation ensures a secure hold and releases the walking aid quickly and without tiresome handling thanks to one-hand operation.

Halterung Gehhilfen Walking Aid Mount
Einhandbedienung Bremsen Schaltung One Hand Actuation Drivetrain Brakes

One-hand operation for shifting and braking

On request, we can install coupled front disc brakes that can be operated by hand and a disc brake with parking brake function on the rear wheel. By selecting the mounting side (right/left) for the brake, you also determine the mounting side of the one-hand operation of the gear shifters. Available for all drivetrains including E-assist, except Tripleshift 24.

Ergomesh HS plus seat

The extra high ErgoMesh HS-plus mesh seat is 11 cm (4.3″) higher than the normal ErgoMesh mesh seat and 14 cm (5.5) higher than the BodyLink hardshell seat. In addition, the HS-XL plus variant is 5 cm (2″) wider and has a seat/backrest 5 cm (2″) longer than the ErgoMesh HS plus variant.

The higher seating position facilitates getting in and out and improves visibility in traffic, but reduces tipping stability when cornering fast.

Ergomesh HS plus Liegerad-Netzsitz Recumbent Mesh Seat

Support belts for ErgoMesh seat

HP Velotechnik has developed support belts that are extremely easy to use for optimum fixation of the upper body and pelvis: The large range width can be adjusted by using the ratchet strap. Suitable for the ErgoMesh seat.

Headrest for ErgoMesh seat

The headrest for the ErgoMesh seats can be adjusted in height and inclination in seconds thanks to its quick-release construction. The mesh upholstery is washable.

Headrest for BodyLink seat

The headrest for the BodyLink hardshell seat can be adjusted in height and inclination. The padding is made of mesh material with reflective stripes and a strap for inserting a battery rear lights and is also washable.

Airflow seat pad for BodyLink seat

The Airflow seat cushion provides optimum ventilation for the BodyLink molded seat. The breathable padding fabric is combined with comfortable upholstery. Large openings in the spinal canal allow for air exchange.

Liegerad Zubehör Recumbent Accessories AirFlow Sitzauflage Seat pad

SeatWings hip supports for BodyLink seat

Sporty: The SeatWings hip supports for the BodyLink seat offer optimum lateral support in fast curves. Your upper body remains freely movable so that you can dynamically lie down in curves. The flexible carbon supports are padded.

Adjustable seat stop

Very small, but a great time saver for those who frequently remove their seat: The adjustable seat stop makes it easy to find a seat position once it has been selected. Adjustment: 0 to 4° from the middle position. Suitable for BodyLink and ErgoMesh seats.

Air shock element from Rock Shox

Monarch RL air shock from Rock Shox. Practical: The spring stiffness can be simply adjusted to the payload using a shock pump. Equipped with adjustable hydraulic rebound damping and lockable compression damping, it excels with excellent responsive performance. 262 g (9.2 oz) weight saving compared to the steel shock Dnm 22.

Front Boom Quick Adjust

Just open two quick releases and you can adjust your recumbent to different lengths. Developed by HP Velotechnik, the front boom quickadjust gives you the advantage to easily change the length of the recumbent for transport or at any time a „shorter“ trike is needed.
Adjustment range approx. 15 cm (5.9″).

Our complete range of equipment and accessories!

You can find all our options in our online configurator. Here you can configure and customize your bike according to your needs.