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PDF for download: Press release World Novelty Recumbents from HP VELOTECHNIK with SHIMANO EP801 Cargo (1 MB,  Jul 12, 2022)

The chain automatic

Recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik has from 2023 the highlight of the motor series from Shimano in the program: EP801 Cargo convinces with strong acceleration and smart gearing


Frankfurt am Main. Even more acceleration power, even more comfort: With the EP801 from Shimano, which was just presented at the Eurobike trade fair in Frankfurt, HP Velotechnik has been supplied with the world novelty of the motor series of the Japanese for the new season. The recumbent manufacturer applies the bottom bracket motor to its two trike series Scorpion and Gekko. The EP801 Cargo variant is used. This develops  extra throttle almost immediately with the first pedal movement. Above all, however, it comes up with a technical sensation: The matching 10-speed Cues Di2 derailleur works fully automatically, if the rider so desires. Whether when braking in front of traffic lights or when pedaling with pleasure: The system independently engages the appropriate gear while riding thanks to Freeshift and Autoshift technology. Until now, this was only possible with hub gears.

Shimano has revised all modules from motor to battery to control unit for its new top model and equipped it with new software. The top system generates a torque of 85 Newton meters. The maximum assistance ratio is 400 percent. In principle, the rider can choose from three support levels. However, the motor profile can be strongly individualized via an app. This is perfect, for example, if you want to get the bike ready for different areas of  use or riders in a matter of seconds. HP Velotechnik uses the matching new compact color display with numerous bike computer functions for its trikes. The battery has a capacity of 418 Wh, a 630 Wh battery is also  optionally available.

The trikes from HP Velotechnik equipped with an EP801 Cargo will be available from the fall. The surcharge at specialist dealers compared with a non-motorized Gekko or Scorpion is 3,550 euros. Visitors can obtain further information and first impressions of the EP801 Cargo at the leading trade fair for the bicycle world, the Eurobike, which will be held in 2022 for the first time in Frankfurt am Main, at the HP Velotechnik booth (Hall 8, D22).