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Credit Card Payment Form

If you have received an order confirmation from HP Velotechnik with the notice

Pay in advance at www.hpvelotechnik.com/pay_e.html


Pay in advance at www.hpvelotechnik.com/en/pay-cc/

you can make your credit card-based payment here. Please do not use this page to make payments unless you got an order confirmation with a notice as above!

After supplying the order-related data below click on “Proceed with payment” and you will be taken to an external page hosted by our secure payment provider “iPayment”. No charging will occur until you enter your credit card information there. The data will remain with iPayment only and not be shared with HP Velotechnik at any time!

If your payment has been processed successfully, you will be redirected to a confirmation page and also receive a separate confirmation notice via eMail. The recipient on your credit card statement will be www.hpvelotechnik.com. Note that your credit card issuer may charge additional transaction costs for international payments.

As soon as your order has been shipped, HP Velotechnik will mail a proper commercial invoice with the notice advance payment received.

If your payment does not run through, please contact your credit card issuer to obtain authorization for this specific international transaction or contact HP Velotechnik to arrange a bank transfer for this order.

Please note: all HP Velotechnik bikes and trikes are custom-built to your order. Make sure your advance payment reaches us no later than 10 days before the scheduled shipping date stated on your order confirmation to prevent postponement of your production slot.

Thank you for doing business with HP Velotechnik!

    Your customer number with HP Velotechnik, as appearing on the order confirmation.
    Example: K12345

    The order number you're making a payment for. Copy this from your order confirmation.
    Example: 130-012345

    Choose the currency and enter the integer and fractional parts of the total amount separately.
    Example: USD 1234.56

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