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Privacy policy

HP Velotechnik respects your privacy. That's why we established this privacy policy, so that you can understand the care with which we intend to treat your information.

Should you have any questions or remarks about privacy protection, please contact us. Thank you!

Personally identifiable information

Personally identifiable information is any information by which a person can be identified. This includes of course your name, your address, your telephone number, but also your age and your shoe size, if these latter two are processed in a way, that allows for personal identification (eg. if your shoe size is stored together with your name in a record). Personally identifiable information is subject to special protection in Europe and especially in Germany.

When do we collect and process personally identifiable information? First of all, whenever it is necessary for our daily business. If, for example, you send us an EMail, we need your EMail address to be able to reply, and your Name so that we know to whom we're replying to. If your dealer orders a seat for you, which is available in multiple sizes, we need your length to be able to deliver the correct seat, etc.

On our Website we use your personally identifiable information within areas where anonymous usage is not possible or not deemable. For example, for interactive services such as bulletin boards, laws require that we're able to identify the originator of a message at any time. We also use your information to offer you a better service, eg. through personalized pages.

Personally identifiable information of children

HP Velotechnik does not knowingly collect and process personally identifiable information of children below the age of 13 years. In those areas, where personally identifiable information is required, we do not allow children below the age of 13 years to register.

Third parties

In general, we use your personally identifiable information within our company only and do not disclose information to third parties, unless we have your permission, we informed you beforehand, we're required to do so by law or we have the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to conform to the law. For the purpose of external bookkeeeping, adress correction, mailings etc. it can be necessary to forwad your data to subcontractors who are obliged by the german data protection laws and are not entitled to give your data to third parties.

We are aware of the confidence you're placing in us and take great care to protect your information appropriately. Personally identifiable information required for some services on our Website is stored in a database located at our Webhoster, pair Networks Inc., in Pittsburgh, USA. This database is protected against unauthorized access. pair Networks Inc. only accesses the database for technical purposes (eg. backup).

To protect our company and those custumers who are willing to pay their invoices, we cooperate with cash collection agencies in the case of past due accounts.

Please note that our partners and other Internet sites and services, which are accessible and/or referenced through our pages, may have own privacy policies which are independent from ours and may differ. Therefore we can not accept responsibility for such third parties.

Your right to revoke

At any time, after you provided us with personally identifiable information and therefore consented with our privacy policy, you may revoke your consent by written notice or via EMail. However, we may be unable to continue providing you with certain services on our Website.

Access logs

We use the access logfiles of our Webserver for statistical and demographical purposes, for example to determine the most popular areas on our Website and to ensure undisrupted service. These logfiles contain data such as your IP address, date and time of the access, the URL of the accessed page etc., ie. no personally identifiable information.

Voluntarily disclosed information

Any information you submit to us is assumed to be non-confidential and free of third parties' rights unless you explicitly advise us of the opposite in written form. Otherwise we reserve the right to use such contents and to transfer this right to third parties.


We have a special page dedicated to what Cookies are and how we use them.

This page is part of our Conditions of Use.

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