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On this page we want to inform you what cookies are, how they could be used and how HP Velotechnik uses them. This page, in conjuction with our Privacy Policy, is intended to promote trust through transparency.

Should you have any questions or remarks about cookies, please contact us. Thank you!

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which can be issued by a Web site and are stored by your Web browser on your computer. Every time you request a page from this Web site, your browser will send the cookie along with the request.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are mostly used by Website providers to clearly mark and identify a Web browser (and thus a visitor). Often they also carry information between page requests, eg. your preferred look of a website.

Theoretically, the combination of Cookies with personally identifiable information such as Names would allow for the creation of detailed user profiles. However German laws prohibit the creation of such profiles without prior pseudonymization (ie. hiding the real identities behind aliases).

How does HP Velotechnik use cookies?

HP Velotechnik uses cookies in certain areas of our Web site to minimize the transmission of authentication information for security reasons and to increase user comfort.

In the areas requiring authentication, for example, you're asked for your username and your password only once within a certain period of time. After successful authentication, we tell your browser to send us a randomly generated cookie along with its successive page requests. This cookie is valid for a short period of time only and is additionally bound to your IP address. The goal is to avoid that you have to transmit your password across the Internet more then necessary.

Your browser's configuration options for cookies

With those areas of our Website that take advantage of cookies, you may receive error messages and warnings if you use a conseratively configured browser. Here are hints on how to configure your browser to a less restrictive security level, that avoids unnecessary warnings while maintaining your security.

If you use Netscape Navigator resp. Communicator:

  • Go to the "Edit" menu and choose "Options...".
  • At the lefthand side choose the category "Advanced" and modify the options in the "Cookies" section at the lower, righthand side as described below.
If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer:
  • Depending on the version you're using, either go the "View" menu and choose "Options..." or go to the "Extras" menu and choose "Internet options...".
  • Switch to the "Security" tab.
  • Now either add our Web site to the list of "trusted sites"...
  • Reduce the security level for the "Internet" zone to a level below "High"...
  • Or adjust the security level's settings for the "Internet" zone as described below.
Your web browser should be configured to accept "Cookies sent back to the originating server" without issuing warnings.

This page is part of our Conditions of Use.

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Last changed: May 20, 2012