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Retail price list 2016 (USD) - Streamer

Price lists are also available for download in PDF (Acrobat Reader) format.

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This price list is valid for shipments to USA / Canada. For shipments to the rest of the world please refer to the english Euro price list. Suggested retail prices in US $ excluding sales taxes, shipping costs and import taxes.

Itemsugg. retail price
Streamer front fairing
Streamer complete set universal transparent front fairing, PETG, with adjustable mount for frame tube, incl. front light mount. Can be rolled up for a few days for transport. Compatible with Street Machine Gt / Gte, Grasshopper / fx, Gekko fx, Scorpion, Scorpion fx, Scorpion fs, Wavey, fits most SWB recumbents and trikes. Mot recommended for Speedmachine: To make a good view over the front fairing possible, the bottom bracket should not be higher than 18 cm / 7" above the seat. $ 625.00
Streamer for Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec with hole for front lamp $ 625.00
Streamer SRT for Spirit, with Klickfix mounting for above seat steering $ 729.00
Streamer spare parts
Streamer fairing single, without velcro, without Quickmount kit $ 269.00
Streamer fairing single, with velcro and edge tape, without Quickmount kit $ 289.00
Streamer SRT fairing single, for Spirit, with velcro and edge tape, without Quickmount kit $ 289.00
velcro tape 16 mm patch side extra strong, self-adhesive, for front support, per meter $ 4.50
velcro tape 25 mm patch contra-side extra strong, self-adhesive, for fairing, matches front support, per meter $ 4.50
edge protection tape black plastic 8.5x5 mm, per meter $ 6.00
reflex tape 3M 25 mm width, self adhesive, per meter $ 8.00
sticker "Streamer" $ 5.00
Streamer mounting front Quickmount fixture to be mounted under bottom bracket shell, without mounting clamp $ 49.00
Streamer mounting front support $ 65.00
Streamer mounting rear fixture to be mounted on the frame, without mounting clamp $ 59.00
Streamer mounting rear support $ 65.00
Streamer SRT mount Klickfix support for Spirit-Streamer $ 349.00
mounting clamp for Streamer mounting stainless steel, for diameters 50-70 mm (fits also squared tubes) $ 5.00
Streamer front light mounting set for mounting a frontlight inside the Streamer $ 19.00
quick release lever for Quickmount fixture, M6x50mm $ 3.90
front light holder Streamer $ 6.00
front light holder Streamer SRT $ 22.00
Clickfix mount for Streamer SRT $ 9.00

Complete bikes are only sold through qualified bikeshops. Spare parts can be ordered through your bikeshop or directly from us.

Delivery conditions for direct orders from HP Velotechnik

Prices: Valid for orders from November 1st, 2015. Only the latest version of our price list applies. All prices at this page listed in US$. All trades will be governed by German law and our general conditions of trade which shall be substantial part of any contracts.

Shipping: We ship by post office, forwarder or express mail. Shipping cost varies with weight. Shipping to the US / Canada: up to 2 kgs US$ 36, up to 8 kgs US$ 45, over 8 kgs US$ 90. For other countries, please refer to our Euro-Pricelist. (Complete bikes and framekits are only sold through dealers.)

Payment: For orders outside of Germany, we require prepayment.

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