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Luxury cycling. The new Spirit from HP Velotechnik

Step over the low frame, sit down and relax into the comfortable seat. Both feet rest easily on the ground. Your arms can grip the controls with no stress on the wrists, shoulders or back. You have a clear view of the road ahead and complete control of your braking.

Between you and the road is an advanced suspension system and every Spirit is equipped with powerful brakes for complete all weather control.

The designers, Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller were especially keen that their bike should be suitable for the widest possible range of people.

"There are many ordinary people who find conventional bikes unpleasant or even impossible to ride", says Paul. "Shorter people can't reach the ground when they stop, many people find the traditional riding position awkward and uncomfortable and women often find normal bike saddles painful. Our bike is suitable for the young and sporty as well as the active 'silver generation' and people who are over weight. It is an excellent way to introduce easy, non stressful exercise and fun to your lifestyle. Most important, it is great fun to ride."

Compact design for excelent cornering.

Adjustable seat.

Panniers attach easily at the Lowrider under the seat.

Lowrider rack for conventional bike panniers.

Lowrider rack for conventional bike panniers.

Due to the low step over height and the well balanced geometry the Sprit is easy to handle, even for untrained cyclists. The compact design gives good control even in narrow and crowded streets. And at 175 cm (69") length the Spirit is no longer than the average touring bike—handy when you want to transport your Spirit with your car, on the train or carry it downstairs to the bike shed.

The Spirit is suitable for people that are from 150–200 cm (5'–6'7") tall. This is possible through a new quick seat adjustment. You can move the seat on aluminum saddle rails and adjust the angle and the seating position independently with a quick release. This means every member of the family can get on and ride in seconds.

Not that this means you have to sacrifice performance. It will carry a full load of luggage with no adverse effect on the handling, and the suspension makes it ideal for rough tracks and off road trails.

The suspension is fully adjustable and works independently of your pedaling forces. For the front wheel a steel spring is discreetly integrated into the steerer tube. The back wheel has a hydraulically dampened spring which protects the intervertebral discs of your back and gives an extremely smooth ride.

As a tourer it offers all day comfort and a fantastic view of your surroundings. You will find you can ride further and with less effort and without any of the discomfort you would expect from a long day in the saddle.

For everyday riding a waterproof bag quickly clips on behind the seat. For longer trips you can attach two extra conventional bike panniers to a secure mounting point on the luggage carrier under the seat. This means the load is carried at a central point on the bike, lowering the center of gravity and increasing stability and stabilising the steering even further.

Safe braking is provided by the Avid V-brakes which are fitted as standard. As an option you can choose Avid or Tektro disc brakes. Gear shifting is done with a SRAM 8-speed system. A good choice is the SRAM DualDrive that combines a 3 gear hub system with an 8 gear derailleur system to give 24 easily operated gears. Optionally HP Velotechnik offers the 14 speed hub gear system by Rohloff. There is a full range of essential accessories including the most advanced lighting systems available, full mudguards for weather protection and a propstand for easy parking.

The bike weighs from 14,2 kg. It is available from specialist dealers, with a starting price of 1490 Euros.

For more details on the Spirit see the Technical data page.

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