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AirZound horn

Bike loud!
AIRZOUND helps you to get noticed.

AirZound horn HP Velotechnik brings the air horn AIRZOUND to Europe. For the urban city traffic or off-road-cycling - from downhill to recumbent race - it is an important safety accessory and an essential survival tool.

The horn clamps right onto handlebars of 25mm - 26,2mm Ø, just like any other bell. Pulling the lever (see picture above, red item on the left) produces anything from a 115d B blast to a moderate 30dB toot. You can adjust the volume very easily with the red valve (see picture on the left, red item in the middle). The horn allows for about 40 blasts per charge.

rechargable and easy to use
A thin 75cm long, flexible tubing connects the air horn to a 500ml PET-bottle which tucks into the water bottle cage on your bike frame or which can be fastened directly to the frame with velcro fasteners. The pressure vessel is easily recharged with any auto-valve air pump or compressor up to max. 5 bar. The valve is under the lever that you simply move to the back.

The AirZound is very light - only 100g! Since it does not have any metal parts and no chemical ingredients its use is often allowed in sportz arenas and at other big events. However, the AIRZOUND is not approved by the German Road Traffic Act (StVZO). Please check your national road law requirements before use.

HP Velotechnik offers you this fantastic safety item for the urban city jungle, hiking or camping with instructions in German, English and French.

Color can differ from pictures.

AirZound eis easy to recharge

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